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Soulcalibur VI Producer Regrets The Way DLC Was Introduced

by Imran Khan on Aug 24, 2018 at 07:50 PM

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco revealed that fan favorite character Tira would be coming to the soon-to-be-released Soulcalibur VI as a bonus character for the season pass or as separate DLC. The initial announcement was fairly confusing, as wording implied it might be a preorder, and fans in general reacted poorly to the idea of DLC being announced before the game even released. We got clarification from Bandai Namco, but it was pretty late and fans were already confused by that point.

At Gamescom, professional Soulcalibur player Marie-Laure Norindr, who goes by the tag Kayane within the FGC, got a chance to sit down with the game's producer, Motohiro Okubo. Kayane asked Okubo what the deal with Tira was and why she wasn't just included in the roster.

"Having her as part of the season pass and unlocked day one was the result of a lot of internal discussion and debate within the company," Okubo told Kayane. "As for the reveal, the pre-orders for the season pass started [on the day of the announcement] and, since she’s a season pass bonus, we had to make both announcements at the same time. Opinions do differ wildly about these announcements. I personally think we should’ve been more careful about the way we have announced all this."

Okubo also explained that Tira was only added because of fan feedback, so she didn't make the initial roster, thus the decision to make her DLC.

"Having her in Soulcalibur VI needed some pretty complicated adjustments, so much so that she nearly didn’t make the cut," Okubo said. "After we had announced Soulcalibur VI, a lot of fans asked for Tira, so I went to see the development team and asked them to put her in the game, so that’s why she isn’t in the main roster and is DLC."

Soulcalibur VI releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19.


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