Six Tips To Help You Succeed In We Happy Few

by Brian Shea on Aug 09, 2018 at 07:01 AM

After an extended stay in Steam Early Access and multiple transformations, We Happy Few finally gets its full release this week. You can dive into the adventure completely blind, but if you want some spoiler-free guidance, we’ve got you covered.

Below are tips and strategies I developed over the course of my playthrough. For more on We Happy Few, check out my review, as well as our episode of New Gameplay Today.

Dress For The Occasion

So much of We Happy Few is about avoiding trouble. A big part of that is how NPCs perceive you. With conformity being king, it’s important to change your clothes in order to fit in. You learn early on that a torn suit helps with those outside of town, but the inverse is also true. Other outfits carry additional bonuses as well, so don’t be afraid to build your wardrobe and dress appropriately as you enter a different district.

Live And Let Live

A good strategy for any game involving skill trees is to plan for the long game and establish a path to the skills you really want. While most paths in all three of We Happy Few’s characters’ trees yield helpful skills, the most useful skills involve having citizens and police looking the other way. Skills that let you go out in town past curfew without attracting negative attention simply for being out, or ones that make townsfolk look the other way when you’re sprinting or climbing around make for much better exploration and traversal experiences.

Take Time To Smell (And Pick) The Roses

It’s easy to get objective oriented in We Happy Few, but things will go much smoother if you take time to go for a stroll through the Garden District and pick a ton of flowers. Rose of Gilead and Rowan Berries, in particular, are extremely helpful for crafting healing balms, so definitely stockpile them.

Unlatch The Hatch

Each district has a hatch that connects to a series of tunnels throughout Wellington Wells. Not only do these hatches give you access to safe shelters where you can sleep, craft, and store items, but they also serve as fast-travel points. Once unlocked, you can fast travel to discovered hatches from nearly anywhere on the map, so I recommend finding them as soon as possible. They are marked on your in-game map once you’re in the district, so set a waypoint and power up that bad boy.

Unload The Weight Of Your Burdens (And Inventory)

Each shelter gives you access to your Pneumatic Stash. You can store anything from your inventory aside from quest items, but the best use is to store all your crafting ingredients. Not only do crafting items add up quickly in terms of weight in your inventory, but they can also be used from anywhere, even if they’re in your stash. This means there’s no reason to keep them in your active inventory, so unload them into your Pneumatic Stash each time you visit a shelter. The only crafting item I recommend keeping on you is a canteen, as there are a few missions that require you to have one in your active inventory.

Open Up Shop

In the second campaign, you control a brilliant chemist who can craft powerful concoctions neither of the other characters can. It’s important to remember that while you can use these creations to help you on missions, some of these chemicals and crafted items hold high values at shops. Part of this campaign involves spending a lot of money for items you commission at the shop, which is largely unattainable unless you start selling your creations at a shop. If you unlock this character’s skill that lowers shop costs and sell a bunch of created items, you can afford the expensive item in that quest with ease.

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