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Nintendo Confirms Luigi Did Not Die Today Despite Clearly Dying

by Imran Khan on Aug 08, 2018 at 05:15 PM

If you watched the Super Smash Bros. Direct this morning, you might remember that the Simon Belmont trailer started with everyone's second favorite Mario brother in over his head in Castlevania. After fleeing from some monsters, Luigi comes face to face with Death himself, who slashes Luigi and takes his soul likely for banishment purposes. I mean, his name is Death.

In true Sakurai form, Luigi was not seen elsewhere in the entire Smash direct, because he was dead. It's sad, but sacrifices had to be made. At least that was the common thought, but Nintendo has put everyone's worries to rest.

It turns out sacrifices didn't have to be made and Luigi is fine! Either that or Nintendo is denying plain facts, that Luigi is gone and they are pretending otherwise, like the 1993 political comedy Dave. Heck, the Luigi in the trailer might be a body double in the first place.

For now, all we have to go on is Nintendo's word, but I'm watching closely. My suspicion is this is an inheritance scam. It continues the pattern of Smash Bros. newcomer reveals that sacrifice characters, like Mario and Mega Man in Ridley's trailer or DeDeDe in K. Rool's trailer. The Inkling reveal is the least deadly trailer of them all.

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