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Lords Of The Fallen's New Studio Is Throwing Out Previous Work, Starting The Sequel From Scratch

by Jacob Geller on Aug 01, 2018 at 01:00 PM

Of all the games that emulate the Dark Souls series, Lords of the Fallen is certainly one of them. While we praised its more user-friendly systems and new take on the Souls style, it never built a following in the same way other spinoffs like Nioh did. In an effort to differentiate the sequel from its original inspirations, Lords of the Fallen 2's new developers say it isn't using any of the previous work done by the game's former studio, according to an interview with Eurogamer.

In June, the series' publisher, CI Games, announced that Defiant Studios would be taking the reigns from the game's original developers, Deck 13. Lords of the Fallen 2 had been in pre-production with Deck 13 for a couple years, but speaking with Eurogamer, it's clear Defiant intends to steer the series in a new direction.

While still using much of the Souls formula, the studio is excited to push different systems and hopefully lure players in who were scared off by the intimidating reputation of From Software's series. As such, they're scrapping the previous design work of Deck 13 and starting fresh. 

[Source: Eurogamer]


Our Take
As From moves away from their classic formula with Sekiro, the playing field is opened up for more studios to try their own takes on a Souls-like. Deck 13's second attempt, The Surge, was certainly better than Lords of the Fallen, but a take from an ambitious new developer is exciting as well.

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