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PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Tops 80 Million Units Shipped, Now Ahead Of PS3

by Imran Khan on Jul 31, 2018 at 12:55 PM

At the end of the most recent quarter, Sony released financial results for the PlayStation division, including how many consoles they have shipped out for the PlayStation 4. Their current flagship console has shipped 83 million consoles, which means the PS4 has done in less than five years what took the PS3 seven to do.

Sony hasn't revealed actual sell-through numbers for the console since the end of 2017, which put the PS4 at about 70 million sold. Shipping numbers are usually proportional, but not necessarily exact with sales, so we can make educated guesses based on the new 83 million number.

In the last quarter since the financial year started in April, Sony shipped three million PS4 consoles and expects to ship a total of 17 million before the end of the financial year next March. That means Sony is expecting the PS4 to do exceptionally well in the next few quarters, likely on the back of games like Red Dead Redemption II and Spider-Man.

The PlayStation 4 released in 2013. If you're not one of the 83 million owners, Sony announced a Spider-Man-themed bundle with a PlayStation 4 Pro for September.


The first quarter is a little slower than it historically has been for the PlayStation 4, but I think their 17 million number is not particularly lofty. The second half of the year has a lot of compelling mainstream software that is likely to increase install base and theoretically 4K adoption should help scale up PS4 Pro upgrades.