Spider-Man Has Gone Gold For September Release

by Imran Khan on Jul 30, 2018 at 02:10 PM

Pretty much every PlayStation 4 owner is anticipating September's release of Marvel's Spider-Man, the open-world superhero game starring everyone's favorite webslinger. Today, Insomniac tweeted out that Spider-Man has gone gold, meaning that a master disc has been printed and sent off to manufacturers. 

That means the copy you buy at a retail store has basically been finished, not including any post-gold development that might come between now and release.

The image references a meme taken from the 1960s Spider-Man cartoon, showing Spider-Man sitting at a desk with a picture of himself in the back. The actual scene is from the episode Electro the Human Lightning Bolt and involves Spider-Man taking cover behind a desk, but the meme took on a life of its own. Insomniac added their own flair to it by appending Spider-Man's picture once again to the gold disc in the back. 

Spider-Man releases on PlayStation 4 on September 7. What's the first New York City landmark you're going to check out when the game launches?

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