Fighting Game Tournament Evo 2018 Schedule Released

by Imran Khan on Jul 30, 2018 at 06:05 PM

With Evo 2018 coming fairly soon, you might want to start planning what you're going to check out and how much time you need to clear out to watch your favorite fighting games.

You can find the full schedule right here.

The scheduele page breaks the various times down by game, as well a map if you're attending the show. As already known, Street Fighter V is headlining the show with the Sunday finals.  Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown is one of the streamed side events, so you can look forward to seeing some competitive VF this year. 

Evo 2018 takes place August 3 through August 5.


I'm definitely watching the Dragon Ball and Street Fighter finals. I might also check out Smash Wii U, but it feels weird when Smash Ultimate is in just a few months and plays faster.