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New Devil May Cry 5 Details, Story Focused On Nero

by Imran Khan on Jul 25, 2018 at 04:30 PM

Dengeki Online has posted an interview with Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno and the game's producers Matt Walker and Michiteru Okabe where the group talks about the game's reveal trailer and the characters within it. Thanks to forum ResetEra and user Sesha for translation.

Devil May Cry 5 started development a year before Devil May Cry 4 SE's release in 2014, so the game has been in development for four years so far. The game's mission structure will be fairly similar to previous games, though Itsuno says they have made some small changes to the overall structure.

The game is going to focus primarily on Nero, who commanded half the attention in 2008's Devil May Cry 4, and his life after meeting Dante. That said, Itsuno points out that Dante and the enigmatic third character on the game's box will play deep roles in the game. While they shied away from detailing him in either identity or mechanics, it was pointed out that the mysterious character has no weapons on the box art. Itsuno says that players will eventually understand the reason for this in the story. There is also a story reason Dante has a beard, besides him just being older.

Itsuno made it a goal to tell an emotional story with Devil May Cry 5 and says that he hopes players will get emotional and cry. To that end, Itsuno won't say what's become of Kyrie, Nero's love interest from the previous title. Nero is hard screaming her name in the trailer, but she's never seen, which the developers say likely indicates something serious must have happened.

Nico, the southern mechanic who is building Nero's Devil Bringers, was designed to be a character everyone would come to love. She designs Nero's arms with the intent of maximum power and tends to leave stability and durability as secondary concerns, which is why they keep breaking.

Devil May Cry 5 is scheduled to release by March 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Dengeki via ResetEra]


I'm really curious about the third character. Someone ripping Nero's arm off and a third character that has no weapons is probably not a coincidence. Hopefully they're playable and have a really unique and interesting play style.

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