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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Adds The Legend Of Zelda Costumes And Items

by Imran Khan on Jul 20, 2018 at 04:55 PM

Monster Hunter and The Legend of Zelda license have met a few times before, but Nintendo and Capcom are adding a bit more to it this time around with some Breath of the Wild content added to Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

New to the U.S. version of the game, armor sets for Link's Breath of the Wild Champion's Tunic have been added, both with and without the Hylian Hood cloak. A Korok outfit has also been added for the player's palico to wear and a little stick to carry around. This is in addition to the other Zelda outfits that had been added in previous games, like Link's green tunic and a Wind Waker Link outfit for the palico.

You can check out the trailer for the crossover below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, a Switch port of the 3DS game Monster Hunter XX in Japan, releases on August 28. We got a chance to play the game at E3 and you can find our preview of it here.


Costumes are cool, though the Wind Waker one weirds me out. But considering that the Final Fantasy crossover is introducing a new monster to the game, this feels kind of weak. I know the situations aren't really comparable, as Monster Hunter World is the series' current flagship title and this is a localization of a port of a second version of a spinoff game, but it still reinforces how different the two games feel. It's not all about frills, though, so hopefully the game's content still blows everyone away.

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