First Screenshot Of Classic Spider-Man Outfit Shown

by Imran Khan on Jul 18, 2018 at 05:40 PM

You may remember during our Spider-Man coverage earlier this year that Insomniac put a big emphasis on the suits and the explanation for his white Spider emblem. Fans had been wondering when the classic suit would be shown, however, and it seems Sony is finally ready to do so.

Sony has started a fake (faker?) Daily Bugle to release information about the game. In the Tweet advertising today's issue, which of course has pictures of Spider-Man, is shown with a picture of Spider-Man in the classic suit.

Spider-Man releases exclusively on the PlayStation 4 on September 7.


The classic suit looks good and, even though the white Spider emblem has story significance, I kind of hope the classic one is an option for the rest of the game.

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