Fan-Made P.T. Port Cancelled, Teenage Developer Offered Internship At Konami

by Imran Khan on Jul 17, 2018 at 07:10 PM

It has been a few weeks shy of four years since P.T., an acronym for Playable Teaser, released on PlayStation 4. The demo, which was later revealed to be a teaser for Silent Hills, set off a a chain of events that ended with the game getting cancelled, Hideo Kojima leaving the company and joining Sony, and the demo's licenses being revoked on people's consoles.

Fans became upset at the inability to play P.T. even though it existed on their harddrives, as many considered just the teaser to be a masterwork of survival horror. As such, a seventeen-year-old developer who goes by the handle Qimsar started working on porting the game to PC. This is the last footage of the game released earlier this month.

According to Qimsar, Konami reached out this week about this port. The Konami employee explained to him that they can't let the port proceed outside of their purview and that it would need to be shut down.

"I got a phone call that I was expecting at about 5:00 AM from someone who worked at Konami," Qimsar wrote in a blog post. "He essentially told me that he was very sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but I would have to take down my remake. I was told that he and many other people at Konami saw and really liked my remake, but legit due to legal issues that were out of his or anybody else’s control really, he had to ask me to take down my remake project. I said that I would be willing to do so, and from there, the conversation went from really bad for me to, in my personal opinion (I’m sure you all will have differing opinions), really really good."

After giving the legal lines to Qimsar, the employee explained that the port had actually been incredibly popular around the office. The teenage developer says that Konami informed him of a desire to start developing traditional video games and not just pachinko titles and mobile games. To that end, they offered Qimsar an internship with the company as they pursue this new endeavor.

P.T.'s original developer Hideo Kojima is currently working with Sony on Death Stranding, which features cameos from his Silent Hill collaborators Guillermo Del Toro and Norman Reedus.


While it sucks that his P.T. port will never see the light of day, it definitely worked out better for him. If what he says about Konami's future plans is true, then hopefully there will be a lot to be excited about from them.