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Metroid: Samus Returns

Kong: Skull Island Director Wants To Take On Metroid After Metal Gear Solid

by Imran Khan on Jul 16, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Jordan Vogt-Roberts talked a little bit today about the creation of the Metal Gear Solid movie, which he intends to direct, but he already has his eyes toward another video game franchise: Metroid.

In an interview with IGN, Voght-Roberts talked about wanting to do the sci-fi franchise justice and his ideas for what the movie could be.

“I have a pitch for a Metroid movie," Voght-Roberts said. "They’ll never let me. It’s too crazy. It legitimately would be  [Samus] alone. It would be a little bit of her talking to herself. As soon as they introduce other talking characters in those games, to me it loses everything. You put her alone and it’s almost got more to do with the silence of a movie like Drive. Like the quietness. and having it be like a real, intense mood piece, but mixed with sci-fi.”

Voght-Roberts talked a bit about how Super Metroid influenced him and his filmmaking style. It seems unlikely Nintendo would ever go for it, but considering that the studio that made Minions is making a Super Mario movie, stranger things have happened.

Who would be your ideal director for a Metroid movie?

[Source: IGN]


He's right that I'm sure Nintendo would never let him do that, and some studio executive would run in screaming at the idea even if Nintendo said yes, but I'd probably watch that.