Reinforcements Arrive For Battalion 1944

by Matthew Kato on Jul 12, 2018 at 09:09 AM

Early Access WWII title Battalion 1944 is getting a major overhaul starting today, changing the core competitive mode, overhauling the player models, and adding a progression system.

Major Update 2 is out of beta and the main round-based competitive mode, Wartide 2.0, ditches the old card system, adds a vertical-orientated Savoia, Italy map, reworks existing maps, tweaks gameplay, and changes the U.I.

Battlerank, meanwhile, is the new cosmetic progression system based around seasons. Rewards like weapon skins are only available during the season, and these can be sold/traded on the community market. Leveling up your Battlerank via XP earned through gameplay also rewards you with a free war chest.

Finally, the update also adds early versions of features like bots and match replays.

For more info on the update take a look at the trailer below and head over to the game's Steam page for the full notes.

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