Funko Introduces Pokémon Pops Starting With Pikachu

by Imran Khan on Jul 12, 2018 at 04:00 PM

If you have a growing Funko Pop Collection and are hoping to balloon their collection, there's good news for you. Funko has announced that at least one Pokémon will be coming out in Pop form starting with everyone's favorite electric mouse.

The Funko Pop Pikachu, which you can see below, has all the hallmarks of your average Pikachu. Yellow body, electric sacks in the face, and a tail. Fans of female Pikachu might have to wait a bit for that model, though, as this Pikachu's tail is definitely not heart-shaped.

The Pikachu Pop is going to be Target store exclusive and release this month, with some Targets having seemingly already gotten stock according to a Reddit leak last night.

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