Play Through Dark Souls As Artorias With This Mod

by Derek Swinhart on Jun 26, 2018 at 11:46 AM

Datehacks, the mod team who created a boss arena mode in Dark Souls, has a new mod in the works that allows players to fight as their favorite bosses through the whole game. Their original mod, allowed you to fight NPC's and other bosses in an arena, but with the Age of Fire, you can take your favorite boss through the entire game. 

As of now, there is footage up on reddit for Artorias, Gwyn, and the Sanctuary Guardian. The gameplay looks about as wonky as you would expect, but the concept is a fun one that will definitely give veterans a new way to complete their umpteenth run through the game. 

The mod is still under development, but Datehacks has said that eventually you will be able to take any enemy through game and tackle any area. So players will be able to take Smough and smash up the Undead Asylum, or pirouette through Blighttown as the inimitable Pinwheel.

The mod is for the original Prepare to Die edition of the game on PC.


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