Steam Can Now Tell You How Much You Have Spent

by Imran Khan on Jun 20, 2018 at 04:04 PM

Steam sales have long been a contributing to growing backlogs and the ease of simply clicking on something under certain budget thresholds has long been the bane of anyone carefully managing their expenses, but could be carefully tucked away in your mind as an individual purchase. Now, Steam and Valve have introduced a tool to bring that aggregate number in your face.

If you so choose, Steam will show you how much money you've spent without the use of Steam credit – or, as Steam puts it, external funds used. That's how much money you've put into Steam over the lifetime of your account. In my case, it was a bit more than a month of rent, which is knowledge I probably could have done without.

You can find the page here, which prompts you to sign in to Steam and then presents you with external funds used as of the most recent cycle, which could be a few days in the past. So if you went on a spending spree last week, Steam isn't going to shame you for that quite yet.

[Source: Reddit]