Xbox One Avatars

Xbox Insiders Get Access To New Avatar Editor

by Imran Khan on Jun 18, 2018 at 07:30 PM

Last year, Microsoft announced that they're bringing back Xbox Avatars to be more inclusive and look and act more like real people. Today, Xbox Insiders have access to the brand new Avatar editor.

The new Avatar editor is designed for players to better create and customize Avatars to make them match look and personality.  The new editor has more vectors for designing your digital doppelganger and more accessories to add on after the fact.

If you make your Xbox One Avatar and decide you hate it, you can always go back and use your old one, or just use your Gamerpic and never deal with Avatars again.

Usually new features for Xbox Insiders hit everyone within about six months, so it shouldn't be too long until Xbox One owners can try it for themselves.