Nintendo Switch

Nintendo And Anker Team Up For Official Switch Power Bank

by Imran Khan on Jun 08, 2018 at 05:09 PM

Chargers for the Nintendo Switch, whether they be docks, wall chargers, or power banks, can be kind of a gamble. Nintendo's kind of strange lack of USB-C compliance means that non-official stuff can do bad damage to your system and go as far as bricking the console. Now Nintendo is teaming up with noted power accessory creator Anker to get an official power bank solution out there.

Anker announced the power bank yesterday, stating that the the new accessories will be compliant with Nintendo's specific USB-C inner-workings. It in two different sizes: 13,400 mAh for $69.99 and 20,100 mAh for $89.99, the larger size allowing for 15 additional hours of playtime while charging.

The power banks will be sold through Anker's website or at GameStop. 

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Our Take
As someone that has a number of power banks but is afraid to try any of them on my Switch, I can see the appeal of one that is guaranteed to work. The Switch isn't exactly generous with battery play time.