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Final Fantasy XV On PC Mod Support Available

by Imran Khan on Jun 08, 2018 at 06:51 PM

Yesterday, Square Enix has released a patch for Final Fantasy XV that opened the floodgates for support on mods for the game. As a result, the Steam Workshop for the game has filled up almost immediately as people play around with the robust toolset.

On this page, Square Enix runs down how to use the mod tools with Final Fantasy XV and organize the mods you use. They're broken down into three basic subsections: weapon mods, model mods, and costume mods. Using all three, for example, people have recreated Xenoblade's Shulk running around Final Fantasy XV's open world with the Monado on his back by applying those three mods to Noctis.

There's also any number of other copyright infringements on the Steam Workshop, including Kratos' Blades of Chaos, Sora's various Keyblades, Haggar's pipe, and a lot more. The world of mods is fun.

Square Enix has plans to further expand the modding tools as time goes on. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition was released on March 6.


Our Take
As someone who didn't really like the game on PS4, I am honestly considering buying it on PC to play with mods.

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