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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Chinese Lightning Returns Video Shows Lightning In Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 Outfit

Lightning is no stranger to recalling previous Final Fantasy outfits from her impressive closet, and it looks like she will be pulling out another.

So far we've seen Cloud and Aerith's clothing from Final Fantasy VII as well as Yuna's outfit from Final Fantasy X being worn by Lighting for the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. A new video showcasing the Chinese version of Lightning Returns shows Lightning wearing Yuna's outfit from Final Fantasy X's sequel – another Final Fantasy games where outfits played an important tactical and aesthetic role.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11. Head to the 3:37 mark in the video below to see Yuna's Final Fantasy X-2 outfit in action.

[Source: Game Jouhou, via Siliconera]

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  • I think it's neat that several great characters from previous Final Fantasy games are being referenced in Lighting Returns. ^_^

  • Here comes the hate...
  • Lightning's final costume? Hot maid outfit. You heard it here folks.
  • Next thing you know she'll get a Witchblade outfit....
  • Lightning, instead of using her time traveling abilities to you know, save the world; instead, decides to go on a shopping spree at Macy's...smh... Come on Square...stop patronizing us with this stupid dress up crap and give us the badass chick character that we all want...this path your on is why FFXIII is one of the most (if not THE most) hated in the series!
  • I know a lot of people think this game will be a joke...heck, even I do most of the time. But I'm replaying XIII and XIII-2, and you know what? They're not that bad after my initial hate dies down. In a weird way, I think the way this game has constantly been popping up has sub-consciously made me want to play it. I pre-ordered a while ago and feel strangely excited to play it.

    Of course, with Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Tales of Xilia 2 coming soon, as well as Kingdom Hearts III, Final Fantasy XV, and Persona 5 officially being confirmed, not to mention the gorgeous-looking X from Monolith Soft, it is easily not my most anticipated title. I'm glad to see such a huge spike in the JRPG genre recently though! :)
  • The more Square posts stuff about this game, the more it turns me off. All of these outfits Lightning is wearing just killing her identity. In the first game Lightning was a total bad butt with a nice chip on her shoulder. Over time she thawed a bit and became a likable character. Now she's just playing dress up is some rather *** outfits(not this one but have you seen her dressed up with moggles stuck to her female parts) All I want is Square to focus on story and characterization. Not outfits and them bragging that they made her breast size bigger..
  • This is one of the many reasons I don't play JRPGs anymore... Long live the WRPG!!!! Lets see.... Final Fantasy 28 X-3 or Fallout 4???? Mmmmm..... Tuff choice
  • Square should focus on gameplay and story instead creating a dress up simulator. Every story I've seen on this game are about "sexy" costumes as square continues to go broke.
  • I think she looks great, newer Final Fantasy iterations have never disappointed me in the graphics department.

    That being said, the greatest of the FF games were the ones with inferior graphics on the earlier systems.

    IV and VI in particular, nothing really to write home about graphics wise, even at the time. But these games are absolute epics that still shine.

    Squareenix is teetering on the edge. If these costume changes are a nice accent to a brilliant game then call me a buffoon. But if this game is more about the flash, and you can't make head nor tails of the story, then we'll all be disappointed.
  • Was that Brotherhood from FFX? It was a powerful sword due to all the augments it could get. One of the strongest due to that in fact with maybe 1 other sword having as much customization.
  • Was that Brotherhood from FFX? It was a powerful sword due to all the augments it could get. One of the strongest due to that in fact with maybe 1 other sword having as much customization.
  • Mod
    Starting to wish Square would just drop the Final Fantasy series and start something new, it's only holding them back and at the same time severely disappointing long time fans. X-2 wasn't a horrible game kinda fun in some respects, but as a Final Fantasy game....horrible. XIII was ok, more mediocre. XIII-2 could have done well as a more Dragon Warrior/Dragon Monster game and ditch the FF stuff.....this though...what the hell, so much focus on dressing up and trying WAY too hard to reinvigorate fans of the past games.

    Trying to stir up nostalgia because "hey, that's cloud's sword" or "Oooh, Yuna's summoner outfit"....yeah Im really sure this is a major selling point of the game. Hardly any real focus on the dynamics of the game ( if any), story or why this should be something to pick up. SquareEnix is tarnishing the brand name that Square was quite possibly worshiped as
  • Chinese version? Didn't they JUST lift their 10 year console ban? Well, glad to see Square immediately support that market :) Here's hoping that Chinese gamers dig buying new games legally as much as they do picking them up on the "gray market".

    If they're as good to video games as they are to movies, than they should end up being the second biggest market for this sector of the entertainment industry behind North America. Thanks again, China, for ensuring we'll all get a Pacific Rim 2. United States; you really let me down there. *shakes head*

  • Any interest I might have had for this game is gone.  They are definitely targeting a different audience with this dress up game.  

  • If you compare the Final Fantasy series to another long lived one, such as The Legend of Zelda, you begin to wonder why it has taken such a sharp drop in quality as time has progressed. Zelda has been around for about as long but has maintained almost the exact same quality even up until recently.

    So what gives? I think the answer is simple. The people who created the Zelda franchise never lost their passion for the it. Square-Enix, on the other hand, seems to be caring less and less about FF as time has gone by.

    It's sad because even so, you can still see strokes of brilliance in the recent FF titles even if the overall quality of the series has become nothing more than average in the eyes of the fans. I don't think the makers of FF has lost their ability, but rather the drive they originally had.

    I'm sure Squaresoft's merger with Enix has a lot to do with it too and I'd be interested in seeing how different things would have been if it never happened. That would be a good topic for discussion, which really impacted FF so greatly, the merger or could it just be that the creators just don't care as much as they did originally?
  • At least they know where to focus, making Light doing cosplay, cause it sure isn't in the game play.

  • Square Enix: So what do you think about the outfits!? Fans: It's pretty cool. So what's the story, new characters, and gameplay mechanics in this one? Square Enix: ..... OUTFITS!


    Those games are chessy as f***, makes sense Lightning wearing Yuna's X-2 costume since this game seems to be focused on changing clothes just like X-2 was.

  • What's that sound? Me shaking my head in dismay.
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