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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy VII Cloud Strife Costume Pre-Order Bonus Added To Lightning Returns

Pre-orders for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII are getting an added bonus that will definitely please fans of the PlayStation era of Final Fantasy.

Putting down a reserve on the game will finally give you the opportunity to make Lightning cos-play as one of the most popular characters in Final Fantasy's history. Along with getting Cloud's Soldier 1st class uniform, you will also get his buster sword, a soldier band, and the Final Fantasy VII victory fanfare and animation, all of which you can see in action in the trailer below.

For more on Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, check out the E3 demo, and the E3 trailer. Lightning Returns is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 February 11, 2014.

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  • This is more of a middle finger than anything.
  • That is pretty awesome.
  • I feel like this game needs to take some cues from Dead Rising 2. Being able to dress somber, stoic Lightning in a chicken costume/horse head/zebra-striped bodysuit would really improve my tolerance of the inevitably hokey story.
  • somehow i find this insulting, and it goes to show that they are desperate to sell this crap game. can't wait for FFXV, now that's a real FF game, where you can actually have more than 2 characters in your party. FFXIII was good but XIII-2 was crap and this one is looking to be crap as well. My opinion.
  • Te preorder bonus is that Lightning can cross dress.... Good job Square.
  • Yeah, now get to the full fledged remake of Final Fantasy 7.
  • Would have preferred if Square dropped the XIII series after the first and either shifted their resources to XV or go back and remake FF VI - IX from scratch (since X has a remaster nearly out already).
  • Sweet, It seems like it would be a good weapon to use the first few hours. Can't wait for this game!

  • Eh! So pretty much instead of giving the fans what they want-FF7-they're going to give us FF13-3 with Clouds outfit. Way to listen to the fans Square. Oh well, at least they finally gave us FFX.
  • Cloud's Buster sword has always been pretty sweet. Pre-Order time here we go
  • Ha, Square Enix knows who fans like the most.

  • I am very excited for this game and this is just icing on the cake!

  • Gee thanks square. What a way to remind us of the good ol days.
    On a side note does anybody really want to see cloud cross dress and be *SNIP SNIP SNIP* (what in the hell. banned one week for EXTREMELY inappropriate content)
  • i think i am one of the few crazy people that don't want a final fantasy 7 i mean i don't want them to remake an old game. yes the game was good. i have 3 different copy's of it but if you what to play it its on the psn store for 5 to 10 dollars  sorry xbox people i don't think its on the marketplace but i wodnt know i haven't used my Xbox in years but if you  to get it that badly ps1 run to like 20 dollars on eBay which would still be cheaper than a hd remake which would be like 40 dollars i would rather have them focus on ff 15 and kingdom hearts 3 than give us the same story but who am i. i liked the mass effect 3 ending and ff 13 and 13-2 so you will all think i am crazy

  • Looks like that cloud has a little lighting in it...
  • Well, that settles it. Time to preorder the game. Also, this is probably just something fun for fans of VII and a tribute to the fact that Lightning was modeled after Cloud.
  • Wow, reading the title I thought they were gonna talk about the power of the cloud  all over again...

  • Mod
    I was going to pre-order it anyways!
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