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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Borrows Yuna's FFX Dress In The Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showcases only one dress, and it's a familiar one.

Much like Lightning's ability to wear Cloud from Final Fantasy VII's familiar outfit, as well as many, many other familiar and unfamiliar costumes, Lightning can also don Yuna's dress from Final Fantasy X. Along with the Final Fantasy X outfit, it sounds like you will also be able to use Final Fantasy X's victory fanfare.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and February 11. For the latest trailer on Final Fantasy X and X-2's HD re-release, head here.

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  • "Does anybody care yet?"- Square Enix

  • "Stay away from the summoner!"
    It's a good outfit and it's nice to see it again, even if someone else is wearing it.
  • WHY DID I CONVERT TO PC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Please buy our game because we have stuff from the older games.
  • Can't wait, I'm honestly looking forward to this game more any game left this year. I wonder how long the game will be. I played the other two for so long, hopefully this one will be at least 40 or more hours. It will be my last $60 360 game.

    EDIT: Hey, achievement list!

    There is also an achievement list for Assassin's creed IV if anybody is interested.
  • This loser shouldn't be wearing Yuna's clothes.
  • Ya gotta love how the main selling point of the FF 13 series has become everything and everyone from the *previous* games.....
  • Everybody in the comments are being so hard on Square, personally I haven't played much published or developed by them that I haven't liked, though the original FF XIII was meh, this one looks like it's addressing many of the complaints that it and XIII-2 had. Lightning Returns has a huge open world to explore, an interesting countdown mechanic reminiscent of Majora's Mask, and while Lightning is the only playable character at least they're adding alot of customization options. For those that didn't like FF XIII or XIII-2 then I understand your not caring about this game but you do realize that coming into the comments and stating how bad you think this game is going to be or how little you care about it doesn't really help to contribute to any meaningful discussion between people that are actually looking forward to this game.
  • Ugh it's like they're trying to pull in those of us who absolutely hated the first game for turning the series upside down by dressing up a character we don't care about in the clothes of past, better characters. If anything that's just annoying.

  • I think its cool to have a game character wearing the costume of the another popular character. It will not warrant a purchase, though, and I see it more as a bonus for a game than as a main reason to buy a game.

    Lightning wearing Yuna cloth is a cool addition, but if the gameplay, the plot, the character still sucks in FF 13 the third, I still wont grab the copy.
  • Mod

    Sweet! I can't wait for this.

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  • lol that looks so weird on lightning
  • Well... That's a little awkward. Those characters are very different. Hm, I should probably finish XIII-2.

  • Man I am SO looking forward to this. I just hope the game play lives up to expectations.

  • Hopefully they'll give Cauis Auron's outfit.
  • It's almost as if these retro costumes are Square Enix's ways to try and extend some sort of olive-branch to players to rekindle "the old days." Lightning Returns is gonna need a lot more than just costumes to do that, but it is nice. Hope that we get a chocobo outfit. Ya know, go all the way and make Lightning's return really comical, lol.

  • they are really desperate to sell this game.

  • So she's so *** unlikeable that they're dressing her up as much cooler characters.


    How about you make a good (Non MMO) Final Fantasy? The last good one was FFX (Yes, FFXII was ass) and that was PS2 era. Kick Enix, and make a damn good game SquareSOFT!

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