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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Cloud's Isn't The Only Final Fantasy VII Costume That Will Appear In Lightning Returns

Aerith Gainsborough (or Aeris if you prefer) will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Or rather, her clothing will.

Among the many, many costumes available in Lightning Returns, Aerith's iconic pink dress and bouquet of flowers will be one of them. It's unclear exactly how to access the outfit. Cloud's outfit in Lightning Returns is a pre-order bonus.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2014.

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  • This reminds me how much I want a new, shiny Dissidia...
  • It's really weird seeing Lightning wear old popular outfits from games older than she is, but man this game still looks promising...
  • I wish they'd stop adding outfits to this game and add more to a realm reborn! Soo tired of wearing the ugliest of gear..!
  • Until Tifa's is in, I'll pass for now.
  • Nice.

  • A flood of memories just came rushing inside my mind seeing Aerith/ Aeris iconic costume. This is an amazing rush of nostalgia and throwback to one incredible lady from Final Fantasy VII. ^_^  

  • Someone clearly wanted to make a cosplaying game but was forced to make another FF.
  • They should really change the name to Lightning Cosplays: final fantasy XIII

  • I love Aeris, but I think dressing up as Vincent, Rufus or the Turks would've been a more interesting pick.

  • ...

    These continued releases just further convince me that Square is going in the wrong direction with Final Fantasy.

    I still want to play a Realm Reborn though!

  • Let's play a game! Which's existence is milked more? Sonic the Hedgehog's four Genesis games or Final Fantasy 7?
  • While the dressing up isn't the biggest draw to me, if it really does help change the combat I'm all for it. I can't wait for this game though.

  • Another week goes by, another costume for Lightning is added... I wasn't very interested in this to begin with, and for some reason, I'm becoming less and less interested as the days go by. Do what thou wilt, SquareEnix...

  • Sephiroth is the only one gamers want...

  • Aerith, Cloud and Yuna were my favs before I started FF13 series so I like having the choice to dress up as them but like everyone else costumes are cute and cool but its the game I'm here for the most :)

  • Every time another outfit is released for this game my interest in XIII and tolerance for Square going past the first game somehow go down even more. We could be having more resources pooled into the new XIV and the upcoming XV so that KH3 could be released sooner. But instead we get...this. I don't have anything against those who do like XIII, but holy crap I hate these games with a deep and bottomless passion.

  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning....Plays Dress Up
  • For the love of God... Enough already. All these costume reveals are just becoming cumbersome and would have been better as DLC in a single trailer encompassing them all. Ugh...

    Most of the recent videos I've seen for this game don't make me want to purchase it any more than I may have, they just touch on frivolous things that take away from what appears to be a serious final sub-chapter of this FFXIII. Here's hoping it really is the final chapter.

  • I swear...please stop with these outfits. Especially the FFVII ones. Just leave FFVII out of FFXIII. Actually, just leave FFVII out of all the other Final Fantasies. They're all suppost to be separate universes, right? (Except all those crossover things, like Dissidia. Those are fair game. Main entries like FFXIII are not fair game)
  • well its time to waste countless hours playing ff7 on steam now cause square wont remake ff7.

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