The post-E3 hoopla continued this week as Microsoft announced new policy changes for Xbox One. Take a break from the madness with this collection of creative and entertaining blogs authored by Game Informer's online community.

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Extra Life 2013 – Team GIO
A Public Service Announcement reminding viewers Zachary Pligge is the coordinator of Team GIO for this year's Extra Life charity event, scheduled for November 02, 2013. Contact him for all of the details.

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The Most Hilarious Glitches I've Experienced
If you've played video games for any length of time you no doubt have encountered an occasional glitch or two, some of which can be rather humorous. The Destroyer discusses some of his funniest glitches.

Grand Theft Auto V Multiplayer Wishlist
Andrew Marcos thinks about the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V and touches on the one component we haven't heard too many details about: multiplayer.

Top Ten Songs In Video Games (Worth Singing)
Two popular blog themes around these parts are top ten lists and video game music. Combine the two and you get a blog like this from Jeremy Sturgill, listing his favorite songs from video games.

A Question Of Talent
A provocative piece from someone with experience in the video game development business, Brother Turkey talks about raw talent and the impact it has on creativity and originality.

Top 10 Mines In Gaming
Say mine to a gamer and they're likely to conjure up images of landmines or mineshafts. This latest top ten list blog from xl9 is about the latter, a popular setting in many of our favorite video games.

Gaming With A Baby-Boomed Dad
When maxmaher originally posted this blog about his dad's gaming influence in his life it was just in time for Father's Day. Even days later it's still worth reading.

My Top 10 Favorite Skill Tree Characters
The ability to customize a character through the use of skill trees can result in quite the variety of unique characters, and RFXRage shares a list of his favorites.

4 Things I Would Like To See In Dragon Age 3
A shorter list (and blog) than you would've expected from thegodofwine7, who considers a couple of features he'd like to see incorporated into the next episode of the Dragon Age series.

Has Buying New Games Become Charity???
Marco Polo takes on the challenging issue of used games with a bold, yet thought-provoking perspective that could ruffle a few feathers, but that doesn't mean there's not a measure of truth to it.

What I Want From Next-Gen Games
A next-generation console-neutral blog from firedude3663 addressing a few simple features he would like to see incorporated into all systems that would likely improve the overall experience.

Why Snake's Voice Needs A Change
When it was announced Kiefer Sutherland was tapped to be the new voice of Big Boss in the next Metal Gear Solid game, many fans were furious. DesertOcelot explains why it was time for a change.

Community Reviews:

A Fate Worse Than A Zombie Bite
Zombie games are a dime a dozen so finding one worth your time and money can be a chore. This review of Deadlight provided courtesy of Paradigmthefallen may make the search a bit easier.

Just Because You Can, Means You Should
Austin Goetz describes the ridiculous but fun gameplay contained in Just Cause 2, which he enjoyed so much, he awarded the game an impressive 9.0 out of 10.

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