Glitches are like typos in books, or un-synced audio in movies. They're small things that can be missed by the creator of the work, and go to the consumer. However, unlike typos or bad production values in movies, glitches are much more (in?)famous in their respective industry. They can be exploited for the benefit of the player, ruin their experience, or simply incite a laugh from the player. I've experienced a fair amount of glitches in my time, and sometimes they've been pretty good ones. I thought about writing them tonight after glancing through my Steam screenshots and seeing several of them captured there. So, I thought, why not share these moments of hilarity with my fellows on GIO? Don't worry, this won't be a screenshot copy and paste-I'll be going in depth on most, and will mention some others I don't have caught on camera.

This is what happens when someone is death charged with very little health

NOTE: If any Steam user featured in a screenshot does not wish to be here, please notify me. I really doubt anyone in one of these games would see/care about it, since they allow themselves to be seen by playing. But, in any case, just tell me, and I will. Now first, let's start off with a funny one-the one I encountered earlier this year, in Mass Effect.

I also apologize for bad graphics. -.- Stupid integrated graphics card.

Mass Effect

Fixed camera angle is the problem here.

This happened on that planet with the snow, and stuff, and oh, I don't remember anything that happened in Mass Effect besides the ending and the awful rover thing that I can't remember the name of. In any case, this glitch, though you can't tell, is that the camera is fixed and won't move. It happened when I went into an elevator, and I spent about 10 minutes trying to hit the button to move the elevator, as well as just running around in circles pretending I was playing the orignal Resident Evil.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

That AI system

Oddly enough, I didn't encounter many glitches in the little time I spent playing Skyrim, but this one is certainly notable. I was invading some tower in some forgettable part of the world, and up to this point in invading it, I had encountered hostiles. So, when I saw this guy, I immediately went on the offensive and pulled out my bow, putting one through his head. However, he failed to elicit a response, and didn't even attack me, as he turned out to not be hostile. So basically, I put an arrow through his lower jaw. Go me. And go Bethesda for having such great AI.


I wish I remember how I killed him...

Well, this one is pretty straightforward. I did...something to this guy, and well, he ends up inside the alarm. Not exactly sure how-it possibly could have been a windblast attack, but I'm not sure. I saw this multiple times, but that didn't stop Dishonored from being one of my favorite games last year.

Dead Space

This is the only screenshot I did not take, FYI.

Something hilarious in Dead Space games is when a door closes over the corpse of a Necromorph. The corpse begins to fail about, making squishy sounds over and over and over, and vibrates faster than a Twitcher. It's pretty funny, and can probably happen easily to you if you push a body into a door and let it close. 

Left 4 Dead 2 (aka, all the good ones)

The car is stuck like that, it's not in mid-fall.

Another pretty straightforward one-the car went flying after a Tank hit it, and well, stuck. I'm not sure how that works, but considering how great the Source Engine's physics are, it's weird, and sticks out to me.


Left 4 Dead has many glitches exploitable in multiplayer modes, and that's basically what the rest of the list is. In this instant, we see that a person has been smoked, but instead of getting caught on the ledge, they fell down, still hanging the Smoker's abnormally long tongue. Hilarity ensued.

Failed Death-pounce

There's a move used often in Left 4 Dead 2's Scavenge mode on the No Mercy Rooftop level. In this move, a smoker will stand at the spot above, and will proceed to smoke a survivor. The survivor will be pulled over, and will helplessly scream at their teammates to save them, only to hear the growl of a hunter. Once a hunter pounces the smoked survivor, if the smoker stood in the right spot, both the hunter and the survivor will fall off the building, leading to an insta-kill. This shouldn't happen, and it's totally weird, but it does. However, in the above screenshot, the death-pounce failed. It's just the only screenshot I have of such a position.

Fail(Not) Death-charge

In Left 4 Dead 2, the Charger reigns supreme as the Infected, being able to charge survivors off buildings, and into bodies of water to instantly kill them. In this instance, we see that a charge did go off successfully, but that the Charger stopped just as soon as they went off the building, leading to it to start the pounding animation while falling. Oh, and there's that body there, doing something weird.


Well, this was unexpected. I believe at the time, I had just gotten incapped, and suddenly, everything was white. I disappeared to my teammates, and basically just, didn't exist within the game. So yeah, it kind of stunk, and  had to wait until I died to look around the map, and slowly watched my teammates' health go down.

In Left 4 Dead 2, I have also seen people jump super high with grenade launchers, somehow ending up at the bottom of the No Mercy Rooftop map, and experience un-intentioned no-clip power. When you play a game over 900 hours, you start to see a lot of the glitches it has...

Well, there they are, some really funny (and sometimes awkward) moments I've seen while playing some games. I couldn't honestly think of many glitches in console games I've played, and the ones I could were really frustrating ones. If you have any thoughts/comments/funny glitches you've experienced, talk about them below!