Just Cause 2 is definitely one of the more interesting titles to come out this generation of consoles. It has you playing as Rico Rodriguez, a suave Spaniard with terrible one liners. The game isn't really about the dialogue though(Thankfully) and is more about exploring the massive game world and blowing up whatever you please.

This game shines when it comes to the navigation and how you choose to get around. The grappling hook is a massive improvement from the previous game and should be the base model for how a grappling hook should function in a game. It not only functions as a mode of transportation but as a way to pull enemies from ledges,pull your self to objects and vehicles and "tether" objects together, making for interesting variations in combat. The weapons of the game are pretty standard and will help you raze down Panau in the name of uh, justice. I do have to add that there are crazier and more destructive weapons available for DLC if one should require more firepower. The vehicles are also pretty standard but in this sandbox world there are many options for getting around. Cars, boats, planes, motorcycles, ATVs and helicopters. Some of these vehicles can even be delivered right to you and upgraded through the use of a Black Market, unlocked early into the game.

The main missions of the game are pretty and short lived and there are only nine of them. To unlock them you will need to earn chaos. which is earned by completing missions for the warring factions of Panau or literally every time you cause an explosion. This is where the fun of the game is, by exploring and completing settlements all over Panau(over 350) you get more chaos and money allowing you to progress further in the game. The plot of the game over all is forgettable and get ready for some ridiculous set pieces.

This game embraces ridiculousness though and is all about having fun. It's about trying crazy jumps or skydiving six kilometers back to Earth. This game is made to have fun and make you feel like you're in control of a complete bad ass and with a health bar that doesn't like to run out, it won't be a challenge trying whatever you want.

Concept: Overthrow a corrupted government on an island paradise with as many explosions you see fit.

Graphics: The island looks great(with terrains ranging from snow to desert) and the explosions as well. The people aren't to great to look at though.

Sound: Great sounds from weapons,vehicles and explosions. The voice acting is laughably bad(Bolo Santosi) and the music is drab.

Playability: Takes a while to understand the phsyics and grappling hook but soon you will be zipping around no problem.

Entertainment: Purely there to entertain. You're in for a fun ride.

Replay: High