The Game Informer team has been working on a number of improvements for the site, but they have been slow in coming lately, so we're are quite pleased this morning to offer up some new tools for you to find the content you want to read on the site.

There are sidebars to quickly see recent review, previews, features, editor blogs, and user blogs. This new User sidebar will not run all the user blogs (you still need to visit the tab or section to see all our community's wonderful work), this sidebar is a reward for all the hard-working bloggers here at Game Informer.

Now we know we most likely missed a few important members of our community (and we apologize), but we did promote eight lucky Game Informer community members for our launch today and we hope to add more in the coming days, months, and years.

One of the requirements is to not only be an active member of the community, but also format your stories with images, thoughtful prose, and credits and links when appropriate.

We hope to soon be able to promote individual blogs not just to the user sidebar, but into the main feed of the site or even the top stories.

So congratulate our eight inaugural promoted user bloggers and visit their pages to drop them a note or read their work.

The Elite Eight*






Oni no Tenshi




New Addition (Now the Nifty Nine):


Another New Addition (The Tremendous Ten):

Demon Ragnarok

Say It Ain't So: Another Addition (The Elegant Eleven):


*We are on the look out for good bloggers year round to promote on the home page

**NOTE: We Are Still Updating The Site And Bug Fixing But We Wanted To Explain The Change As It Takes Place**

**Note to the promoted: Remember please this is just as easily taken away as given so please make sure not to abuse the status, to write thoughtful blogs (with images), and remember this is a home for gamers.