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  • XCOM 2 Ironman War Update: A Harrowing Rescue

    So I managed to rescue Jerrica Shepard from Advent... hooray! But it was an unmitigated disaster. First I was unable to stop Advent from significantly beefing up their security. It all came down to my first failed mission; to protect a datapoint and retrieve... More
  • Do You Remember That Part Where High Moon Developed a Licensed Jason Bourne Video Game?

    Because I do. You know them from Transformers: War for Cybertron and their work with Destiny , but developer High Moon came from humble beginnings. Their first project was an FPS Western/Horror/Steampunk title, Darkwatch , starring Protagonist: Jericho... More
  • The Great Games: 9.00-9.25

    This is the first of a three-part series of posts that I am calling The Great Games . These lists are those video games that I believe represent the best the medium has to offer. If a game that you feel should be included is not, there are four possible... More
  • I am Setsuna Review: I am a Decent RPG

    I am Setsuna is a game that embraces the SNES era of JRPGs, especially Chrono Trigger, it doesn't shy away from calling back aspects of that era but while loyal to the roots that it is inspired by, I am Setsuna offers little new to the table to expand... More
  • Developing a game in gamemaker studios (video blog 2)

    Hope you enjoy this! It's a casual video blog about the game I'm making. see link in description. If the link doesn't work, head to my youtube channel @Joshua Williams More
  • When I Used To Play A Lot

    Free time, why does it have to be so far away? Prior this semester at college, my gaming sessions were having the best time ever. Now, all I can do to control this need to play games is to grab my 3DS and replay old games. With only weeks away for my... More
  • Telnet Clients are Rad as Hell: Quadrilateral Cowboy and the Games Industry's Legacy of Input

    Lemme tell you folks about the hot and heavy world of IT. I worked for a company called Enterprise Infrastructure for two years (s/o E.I., you da real MVP), which meant I had to interface with telnet/DDoS/SSH/etc. clients almost every day. It was some... More
  • Going For A PokeRun

    Hi all! Today I'm blogging about cardio with Pokemon Go. I recently joined the massive AR uprising instigator, cellphone zombie horde creator that is Pokemon Go. But I'm not going to talk about crazy stories or industry impact or even an opinion... More
  • Nintendo. Where is the NX?

    I was just sitting here looking up some stuff on the internet and I decided to look up any info on the NX. Guess what I found. The same information that has been on gaming site for months. I know Nintendo has said they would release info about the NX... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Finding Inspiration in Pokémon Art Academy

    I’ve always loved drawing but I fell out of the habit when I started college three years ago. Sure, I doodled instead of taking notes, but it was all abstract shapes. About 6 months ago I decided I wanted to get back into art but didn’t really... More
  • The Girls of Summer: Submerged

    Miku from Submerged is a perfect example of an amazing female protagonist hidden in a game that’s just okay. She shows that positive representation of any kind isn’t dependent on the quality of the medium. In fact, this whole game is evident... More
  • TheSniperXI and my thoughts on Uncharted 4

    TheSniperXI and I decided to co-author this Uncharted 4 blog; our cohesive thoughts are what lie ahead. There will be SPOILER TALK so be prepared. Enjoy the literary & visual ride. Uncharted 4, what a game! If you want a game with action, great graphics... More
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