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  • Feeling Traditional

    I love the holidays. I love the Christmas music, the lights, the movies, everything. One of my favorite things about the holidays are the traditions though. Last night as I settled in to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol (as I do every year) it got me thinking... More
  • Top trophies: What a ride!

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    When you think of achievement you think of beating something, someone in a game or at a game. With beating someone usually comes a prize of some sort. As with a game, you get a trophy. Here are my top 10 trophies that I have won. These are the ones I... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: Being A Hero In Final Fantasy

    First things first, yes, I really like the Final Fantasy series. Being that said, this week's challenge demands 3 criteria and while I'll only be covering one, it is something I've been wanting to post for a while now. What do you feel when... More
  • The Superb Storytelling of Westworld

    Spoilers for the entire season of Westworld... After ten episodes, season one of Westworld has come to a close putting to bed a lot of theorizing, speculation and discussion. While some threads have been left dangling for a second season, for the most... More
  • The Best Deals With Gold, Week of 05DEC

    After taking a brief break last week to write about some other topics as opposed to my traditional weekly deals, I've returned to give you the lowdown on some Xbox 360 and Xbox One steals. For the most part, if you missed my weekly blog post last... More
  • Community Writing Challenge: My Shaky History With Final Fantasy

    Like last week's Community Writing Challenge, it's impossible to talk about Final Fantasy without first taking some time to acknowledge the impact that the franchise has had on the gaming landscape over the years. With the original game appearing... More
  • Why I'm Excited for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

    There are few things in this world that make me as excited as Uncharted. Announced earlier today at Sony’s PlayStation Experience show, the first standalone chapter in the Uncharted franchise, The Lost Legacy, looks like it’s going to be incredible... More
  • From Solo to Co-Op: A Story of Video Games and Bonds

    First off, I would like to apologize for my lack of posts within the past few weeks. I’ve been riding a rollercoaster of school, friends, family, fanfiction, and work with small gaming downtimes in between the madness. It is the friendship part... More
  • Prey for the Gods

    [As Originally Written on SNo2 .] One of my most anticipated games of the near future is one that doesn’t even have a specific release date outside of 2017 or beyond. Prey for the Gods looks and feels like something along the lines of Shadow of... More
  • CWC: Finally On the Road

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    MINOR spoilers for Final Fantasy XV I remember seeing the announcement trailer for Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Noctis warping around and being one heck of a one-man army. Those graphics. The music. It blew me away. I would watch it over and over again... More
  • The Best Games Period - Episode 46 - Shadow of the Colossus

    We are only a day out from the release of The Last Guardian , the game that has taken Team Ico over eleven years to create. Earlier this year we discussed the developer's first game, Ico , and the impact it had on game development going forward. To... More
  • The 6 Best Moments to Scream in Gaming

    As a fan, we like to scream for the things we love. Football fans scream when a goal is being touchdowned and a Soccer fan screams when the ball is being kicked in the goal. Either angry like or just in happiness fans just scream. But what about us? The... More
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