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  • Stupid Teens Do Stupid Things: An Oxenfree Critique

    Life is Strange , We Know the Devil , and now Oxenfree . I seem to be running into more of these coming-of-age tales. Frankly, teens are often insufferable in real life, but through the lens of video games they’ve been faces within some of my favorite... More
  • The Cooperative Adventures Of A Gaming Couple

    Local multiplayer and co-op campaigns are already options we cherish and enjoy a lot, especially when played with someone we know will make the experience even better. In my case however; playing with my relatives or friends is not the option of my preference... More
  • Five Shows of 2015 that Weren't Dumpster Fires

    5.Mr. Robot- Hey, it’s Rami Malek, that dude who did Until Dawn . I like those things. And hey, it’s Christian Slater. The guy who only avoided serious prison time because he was a mildly successful actor. I guess that’s cool. Imagine... More
  • Glitch Glitch Glitcheroo: The Witcher 3 Edition

    This week I've had a Witcher 3 theme going and I thought I'd round out the week with some in-game silliness that rarely gets old for me: glitches. I'm a huge fan of silly glitches in games ( land sharks, anyone ?), so long as they don't... More
  • Deadpool Movie Review

    ***This is a spoiler free review, I will avoid talking about any of the plot details in Deadpool The story of how Deadpool finally got his own movie is almost as interesting as the story that the movie tells. Ryan Reynolds who plays the merc with a mouth... More
  • "Damsels" of Zelda 101: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

    After three straight games of saving the princess, defeating the villain and becoming the hero, The Legend of Zelda franchise makes you question if you’re always the good guy with Link’s Awakening (1993). In a game free from Zelda and Ganon... More
  • Stella Glow Review

    Stella Glow is the swansong game of developer Imageepoch, who shut down before the game even released in Japan and way before its November release date in North American, which is rather unfortunate as Stella Glow is a very solid turn-based tactical strategy... More
  • Gaster's Beginning: Prologue

    Author's Notes: This will be short and a small look at what I have in store. I hope you like the small prologue. Oh and almost forgot! All rights of ownership of the game Undertale are reserved to Toby Fox and the lovely crew that helped him make... More
  • Remo's Backlog Progress: RPGs Great and Small

    If you read my 2015 year in review post, you may remember that I posted a sort of backlog priorities list. In case you missed it, here it is: 1. Undertale 2: Dragon Age: Inquisition 3. Xenogears 4. The Witcher series 5. Deus Ex: Human Revolution 6. Final... More
  • One-Hit Wonders: Eternal Darkness

    Silicon Knights is a texbook showcase of a one-hit wonder in the vein of a music artist - you got that one hit everyone still remembers fondly, the re-imagining of a masterpiece created by another artist, the mediocre follow-up, then the fall from grace... More
  • I Have Finally Beaten Super Mario Bros.

    After 6 years of wanting to finish it, today I can say the game is no longer part of my backlog. Most of the games I play are old and this one is now the oldest I have played, my second Mario game and a fun ride I had missed for so long. Owning a NES... More
  • Remembering Gametrailers

    It's difficult, and disheartening, to believe that Gametrailers s gone. It's a site I've visited almost every day for almost four years now. And the thought that in just a few days, there wont be any point anymore, is almost surreal. Granted... More
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