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  • MightyMagikarp's Top 100 Video Game Character List: The Prologue

    Every one of us has our own reasons for playing video games. For some, it's a form of escapism, whiling away time with a few rounds of Tetris or a world of Super Mario Bros. to get away from their worldly anxieties. For others, it's for the thrill... More
  • An Update Of Sorts

    16 days have passed since I last blogged, two weeks that has been like months for me. I'm not fond of writing updates about me as when I blog I practically say it all, but the urge to write was tickling. A lot has happened since my last blog: I had... More
  • About Last Night: The Swamper

    I'm back with another tale of my gaming experiences from the night before, though if I'm honest... part of what I'm going to tell you happened two nights ago. Perhaps I should change the name to About Last Last Night... We'll see. Maybe... More
  • What Makes Succes?

    Games are confusing. Yes, I said it! The thing that almost everybody has been saying about today's gaming for about 3 years. At least from what I experienced. When you look at it, games have a different perspective of success and can change to what... More
  • A Newbie's Guide to Twitch: My Thoughts, Tips, and Experiences

    [This post originates from my personal blog site here . As I do not believe in only posting links to promote my site, go ahead and read the full post below!] A small tripod and mic stand atop my desk, propped up by a complete series Blu-Ray set of the... More
  • A Journey With Some Nostalgia

    Days have passed since the beginning Since I used mushrooms to save princesses Since demo disks gave me glimpses of the future Since an electric eye fought a giant gorilla Since 2 became 360 became 3 Academia has made friends with new associates: the... More
  • I've been busy!

    Our Youtube Channel VR Addict Videos Playlist VR Addict on Twitter More
  • Análisis - Hitman Primera Temporada

    Vuelve el Viejo Hitman El juego Hitman es un título de sigilo en tercera persona , donde encarnamos a un asesino a sueldo que trabaja para una agencia especial secreta (International Contract Agency), somos El Agente 47 , el mejor de los mejores... More
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review *Spoilers*

    Fans have been given very little in the almost ten years since the conclusion of the Harry Potter series. That is, up until last year, with the release of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them , and more importantly Harry Potter and Cursed Child . The... More
  • The Importance of First Impressions

    Well, tonight’s the night: the worldwide premiere of the 13 th season of the Bachelorette! If you don’t think that watching 31 men compete for the hand and heart of one woman isn’t the best way to spend your Monday night, then you wouldn’t... More
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy vs. Previous Entries

    Uncharted: The Lost Legacy vs. Previous Entries in the Series For the video version of my article, here's the link Hello, everyone, it's drmuffin1080 here. The release date for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was announced... More
  • So, I'm Writing a Comic Book...

    UPDATE: The first three issues of SEASONS are free to read right now, and SEASONS #4 - the fourth and final issue of the first story arc - just debuted! The Kickstarter for the first graphic novel launches next month! Original Story: Hold on, hold on... More
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