Sega Announces MEGAne Drive
Now this is the future of VR. Check out Sega's link for more goofy pictures.

Guild Wars 2 Gets Big-Head Mode
Ah yes, the ole Big Head mode gag. It's funny, because their heads are bigger than normal.

ARMA 3 Karts
Bohemia Interactive's ultra-realistic military sim is getting stupid with some fictional go-kart DLC. Hey, it worked for Gran Turismo.

Razer Eidolon Drone
Peripheral maker Razer is teasing a wearable drone that allows you to play life from a third-person perspective.  Am I a bad person for thinking that some of the shots in the video actually make it look cool?

Dead Island: Epidemic Gets Goat Class
Deep Silver's zombie-themed MOBA is getting a new four-legged class. Okay, we know this one has to be a joke – who would ever want to play a game as a goat?

Garrus Body Pillow
The sad part is you know some fans would totally buy this life-sized body pillow adorned with Garrus Vakarian, and do terrible things to it. Thankfully, the "Add to Cart" button flees from your cursor when you try to click on it. BioWare hasn't forsaken its Dragon Age fans either, who can scope out this awesome Varric Chest Toupee.

Nuclear Throne Goes First-Person
Vlambeer's top-down roguelike shooter looks awesome as it is, but we'd play it as a first-person shooter as well – which you can, because the developer's April Fools' Day joke is actually playable.

Cult Of The Danged?
Blizzard has posted a pages-long list of patch notes for World of Warcraft, which are – you guessed it – full of jokes. For those keeping count, this is Blizzard's fourth April Fools' Day gag. What is in the water over there?

Call of Duty Gets New Game Modes
Activision and Infinity Ward have updated the names of multiplayer modes in Call of Duty: Ghosts to give them a decidedly bro-tastic flair. Would the COD community notice if they didn't change them back tomorrow?

War Of The Vikings: Godlike Warriors
This video is incredible and I want to play this version of the game now. 

League Of Legends Gets Ridiculous
Riot Games' Ultra Rapid Fire balancing patch makes everything more awesome. I'm sure the hardcore eSports community won't mind the changes.

Minecraft Gets Annoying
Mojang has been known to offer up its own April Fools' Day shenanigans, and this year is no exception. Minecraft's latest update changes everyone's character skins, adds annoying sound effects, and serenades players with an all-vocal Game of Thrones intro theme.

BioWare Wants You To Cuddle Up With Garrus
Mass Effect developer BioWare knows that Garrus is a fan-favorite character. That's why they added a cuddle pillow featuring the calibrating character to their shop.

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