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Yoshi’s New Island

Yoshi Lays A Giant Egg

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Yoshi’s New Island that shows off some of the species’ new moves. Giant Shy Guys might have been scary in the past, but apparently Yoshi has been practicing his gastrointestinal gymnastics.

You’ll see how giant eggs will come in handy (though we’re still not clear how eating interacts with the reproductive system). We also get a look at Yoshi’s railcar and helicopter forms, as transformations return.

Yoshi’s New Island arrives on March 14 for the 3DS and 2DS. We had hands-on time at E3, and you can check out that preview for more information.

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  • Pretty cool, pretty cool.

  • I need this game.

  • Nintendo keeps dishing out awesome games for the 3DS, while the Wii U struggles. Thankfully I only own the former!
  • There's too many 3DS games I want, and so little money I have!
  • I'm confused about the Mega Man's Rush statement? Besides the large egg everything else looks like stuff straight from the original Yoshi's Island. Unless Rush started laying gigantic eggs somewhere within the Mega Man games, I haven't played them all.
  • I'll probably pass on this as I'm far more interested in the eShop offerings from 3rd parties and indies these days. And I'm tired of the "way too many platformers" sentiment Nintendo has had as of late. Hopefully their recent troubles finally send them the message that "2-D gaming does not sell modern consoles."
  • This game's graphics remind me of the opening credits from that old Nickelodean kids morning show Pinwheel. Which is great.

  • this looks pretty adorable. it may be a preorder for me, after all.

  • Mod

    I still need to get use to the new style for this Yoshi game, I prefer the original more chalk/pixel but I can see this growing on me! The funny thing is, aside from Mario Sunshine, Galaxy and the newer releases, I enjoy the other spinoff/other character games WAYYYY more! The 3DS has easily been imo the best handheld I have ever owned. it just oozes with great titles and functionality.

  • Doesn't look too bad...a little boring, but charming. I am not a fan of gyroscopic controls (if that is indeed what was occurring during the copter sequence)...I feel like a dork, and my wife already makes fun of me for blowing into the 3DS mic for Spirit Tracks.
  • On one hand, I'm glad we're getting a new Yoshi game since the last major one in the series was DS. However, on the other hand, it just seems like too much of the same. I'll save judgement for when I actually play it, but I would really like a non Baby Mario Yoshi game.

  • nintendo! take my money!

  • Great trailer! I'm genuinely excited to play this. I was a huge fan of SMW2: Yoshi's Island. I hope this delivers just as well.

  • Mod

    I want this game. No . I NEED this game.

  • Reminds me of the incessant crying of Baby Mario on the GBA port back in the day. I loved that game when I played it a while ago. I didn't really see much new in Yoshi's Island DS (never finished it), so I hope this will liven the series up again. At least it looks really good!
  • I do hope that the mechanisms which allow Yoshi to pass those giant eggs remain forever a mystery.

  • I love Yoshi's Island, but something about this game just looks meh. I can't really put my finger on it though.

  • Never cared for this. Remaking a new version of super mario world 1 would have been much better.

  • looks great