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Yoshi’s New Island

Yoshi's New Island Coming In Spring 2014

Nintendo provided a bit more information on Yoshi's New Island, including a slightly more dialed-in release date for the 3DS game. Players will be able to play it this upcoming spring.

In addition to that, Nintendo showed off some new footage of the game in action. The game features the same pseudo hand-drawn art style of the SNES game Yoshi's Island, and we saw a snow level, giant Shy Guy, and more.

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  • Well, I guess I need to buy myself a 3ds now huh?
  • Seriously, why isn't this on WiiU? Games like this could really increase their WiiU sales!
  • I always liked the art style of these games. I feel like Nintendo is inundated with "classic" platformers at this point. I'd take a new 2D Metroid over Yoshi though.
  • There's something about that art style that feels.......ugly....to me. Probably not going to be a po***r opinion, but something about that art style in 3D just feels off. It looks great in 2D, but I just can't get into it the way it is now. It won't stop me from giving the game a shot sometime down the line, but it probably wont be right away.
  • The 3DS continues to offer a great selection of games. I bought a PS4 on launch day, but found myself addicted to the new Zelda for 3DS for days on end.
  • Geez, that giant egg made me cringe. That looks so painful!
  • I like the art style here. It's closest to Yoshi's Island but the semi-3D character models also remind me a bit of Yoshi's Story on N64. Hopefully this game turns out well.

  • They need to make Yoshi's Island and Paper Mario permanent releases like their other games instead of every 5-20 years.

  • Cool. I haven't bought a new 3DS game since June, so I need to share some money with Nintendo for a change.

  • So this one is Super Mario World 3, right?
  • Hopefully the 3DS/2DS doesn't screw people up like the whole Wii/Wii U/Wii Mini business.

  • I recall being iffy on the art style the first time they showed it off, but I'm actually liking it more now. It's crazy the amount of old platformers Nintendo is bringing back now, but they should really focus on some other genres, too!

  • I should play other Yoshi games.

  • I like the art style in this game, however my only problem looking at it is that Yoshi and Baby Mario's actions kind of look stiff on the most part; I feel like they could be more animated.

  • I love the original, never played the DS sequel (and refuse to buy it now because it seems to have gotten much more expensive). I'm up for this one, even if "bigger eggs" hardly seems like the kind of thing that would rock the boat too much. It doesn't need to though; it's not like there have been 5 Yoshi's Island games in the past 2 years. It's nice to have it back, period. Still nothing out there plays like this.

    Also, nice to see them update the visuals a bit. Looks better, but still maintains the style. Good job.

  • Can't say I'm liking the new art style. I love the style of the original Yoshi's Island, as well as the one on DS. Those games had a neat pencil/marker style that worked really well. This new one... I dunno. It looks a bit like they took 3D sprites like in Donkey Kong Country and added a "paint" filter to everything.

    I'm sure the game will be good, though.

  • Where the heck are all the Wii U games? Does nintendo have all of its studios working on the 3DS?