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Yoshi’s New Island

Protect Baby Mario Again In Yoshi's New Island

I've long been a fan of the underrated Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island on SNES, so I was excited to learn that a new entry was coming to 3DS. Nintendo tried a follow-up years ago with the disappointing Yoshi's Island DS, so I've been cautiously optimistic that this would feel like a true sequel. After playing a roughly 10-minute demo at Nintendo's software showcase this morning, I came away neither confident it would be a slam dunk or disappointed in what I played.

While all of the marketing materials for Yoshi's New Island feature the art style seen in the SNES classic, the in-game models are 3D rather than hand-drawn. This makes Yoshi, Baby Mario, and the enemies resemble characters from the underwhelming Yoshi's Story rather than Yoshi's Island. Considering that the beautiful art style was one of the most distinctive features of the SNES original, I was disappointed with the change in aesthetic.

Gameplay will feel familiar to fans of the original, as Yoshi eats enemies and tosses eggs to protect Baby Mario. Collectible flowers and red coins are sprawled throughout the colorful stages, and stars increase the amount of time that you can be separated from Baby Mario before he's taken away.

One feature that's brand new to this 3DS sequel is the new giant egg. By swallowing a massive version of a Shy Guy or other baddie, Yoshi can produce a massive, screen-filling egg. This can be tossed through pipes, rocks, and other environmental objects in an effort to collect coins and open up new paths.

At the end of the brief demo stages, I ran into a boss room that contained a small bat. The wizard Kamek showed up, and smashed the bat with a massive, magical hammer. Like the magic dust in the SNES version, this caused the small enemy to become massive. I ran around, ate tiny bats, and tossed eggs at the huge bat until I hit him three times and he died.

The demo ended at that point, and I walked away from the booth with mixed opinions. It's great to see one of my favorite 16-bit titles getting another sequel, but I feel that some of the charm has been sapped from Yoshi's New Island. It's visually less interesting, and even the music was less memorable. Fortunately, the basic gameplay of the platformer appears to be intact. If Nintendo presents some interesting levels and boss fights in the final product, it should be enough to warrant another trip to the island.

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  • From the pictures I do not like the art.

  • I'm gonna miss that color book art style.
  • I never played the original but watching the super replay was fun, cant ait to play this new one.

  • I dunno' about this game. Yoshi's Island is not only my favorite Mario game, but my favorite 2D platformer in general. However, the mediocrity of YI DS and Yoshi's story have me a little on edge for this
  • I was wondering why they hadn't posted an article on GIO. I sent them a post bugging about it. I guess I should learn to be more patient.
  • Huh..interesting video on this..Not always you hear negative feedback,but good to hear.

  • I'm sure it'll be a good platformer, mechanically and all of that, but Yoshi's Island is one of the best looking games I can think of, SNES or not; I have no idea why they felt the need to use this weird 3D/2D look *sigh*

    It sucks that the soundtrack isn't as memorable either, the original's OST is on my Top 10 VGM OSTs...

  • The art doesn't look as good as it did in Yoshi's Island. The 3D models just aren't right, and the colors don't seem as vibrant.
  • Yeah, the art style is a little too much Donkey Kong Country and not enough Yoshi's Island. I hope the boss fights are good because that's always been the stand out feature of Yoshi's Island to me; by far the best boss battles of the sidescrolling Mario titles.
  • holy *** Nintendo your boring as *** how many times can you guys come up with nothing but Mario games.

  • i missed baby mario

  • The snes one looked better, and I absolutely loved it. Yoshi's Island is probably one of my most played games on the snes.

  • I'm exhilarated....less.

  • I really hope Nintendo drops this New Super Mario Bros. art style soon.
  • All these sequels to SNES classics on 3DS have me hoping for (and disappointed we haven't seen) a Super Metroid sequel (or technically a Fusion sequel, I guess).

  • Like Dream Team, still not sold on the weird art style, but like every Yoshi's Island, it'll probably be your standard fun time. Looks like the 3DS success isn't gonna slow down anytime soon.

  • I like the visual style. I mean, Yoshi's Island DS did the SNES thing - if they're not going to move it forward in anyway, it'll just come off as old again. At least this is different, and ironic. If you're an old-school gamer like myself, and you remember the Nintendo Power interviews with Miyamoto at the time, you recall that Yoshi's Island looks the way it does because the higher ups at Nintendo told him to make it look like Donkey Kong Country. He got so pissed that someone would DARE TELL HIM to make a creative decision like that based on what would sell better, that he made it look like a baby's crayon drawing. Voila! Instant classic visual style. So it's hilarious to me that Yoshi's Island finally adopted 3D pre-rendered sprites :)

  • need it

  • I played the orignal on the SNES so many times I cant wait. As much as I love the DS why doesnt Nintendo go crazy and make DS playability like the VITA.

  • Why'd they change the art style?

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