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Yoshi’s New Island

Yoshi's New Island For 3DS Gets A Release Date

As promised in a recent Nintendo Direct presentation, Yoshi's New Island for 3DS will be available in March.

The game will be available on March 14 in both the eShop and at retail. The game is being developed outside of Nintendo by Arzest, but Takashi Tezuka, the original Yoshi's Island's creative director, is serving as producer.

For some of our hands-on impressions of the game from our time with it at E3, head here. For our Super Replay of Yoshi's Island, head here.

[Source: Nintendo]

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  • I'm not sold on this game just yet. I'd love to try it out first. The art style still hasn't grabbed me, and the recent trailers have yet to show me any platforming that gets me excited (unlike the recent 3D World or Tropical Freeze trailers). Still, I AM willing to give it a shot, so here's hoping they release a demo or something.
  • Hey GI guy, have you played a demo for this game? Just curious. Yoshi island is my least fav Mario games, but it being in 3d, I might give it a shot.

  • This game looks so cute. I can't wait to play it! If anything, it will just be a fun platformer.

  • I forgot about this game with the other spring releases coming out. Loving the art style, but I'll wait for the reviews. That having been said, as was the case with A Link to the Past, I wonder why Nintendo chose not to rerelease the original Yoshi's Island in anti***tion for this game.
  • Cant wait to get back to playing Yoshi's Island again. Loved the first one so will definitely be picking this up.

  • I need to see more of this game, and save some cash for college, before purchasing the game.
  • Heck yeah!!! That's like 2 weeks before my birthday. Between that and FFX/X-2 coming out that month, my wallet (and social life) is gonna be hurting.
  • Looks cutesy...but so did Kirby's Epic Yarn, and that game was pretty good. I'm starting to build a bit of a backlog with 3DS games, so this one might have to wait.
  • Hey GI could you guys reach out to Nintendo about the whole pokebank thing? They haven't given us any information whatsoever about it.

  • Was there a Nintendo Direct or something? Suddenly a bunch of Nintendo news seems to be coming from nowhere.
  • Why'd they try to copy the art style of that weird N64 game Yoshi Story? I'm getting acid flashbacks to that creepy-ass game just looking at the screen shot.

  • I just got done saying I didnt want a 3DS because I have a vita and then they have to put out more Mario games for the 3DS. Ok I am going to end up caving. NO! I am not. Dang it.
  • While this looks good, what I really would like to know is what's going on with that Kirby's Epic Yarn style Yoshi game for Wii U.

  • Mod

    Oh, yes! I will definitely be getting this!

  • Pretty soon. Always liked Yoshi's Island. Wish that we could learn a bit more about Yarn Yoshi though, that looks like a must-have to me.

  • Can't wait!! Yoshi! ^_^

  • All these amazing games for the 3DS.

    Nintendo Show some freaking love for the Wii U!

    If Nintendo released half the amazing games for the Wii U that they have for the 3DS, the Wii U would be flying off shelves.

  • Wow, yet another awesome game coming to 3DS!

    Seriously between Monster Hunter, Pokemon, and Zelda I got enough on my plate!

  • Be curious, i can see a funny story from the screenshot. 2 months is too long

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