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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Exclusive Video: Skyward Sword's Infamous Lizard Fight

Last week, during our lengthy video preview of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Dan Ryckert described how much he loves to hate one of the new foes in the latest Zelda -- the tongue-waggling lizard-men pictured above. In our final exclusive video, you can see this enemy in action and discover the moves that will be necessary to take them out.

In addition to showcasing the Lizalfos, this video has a great example of the smart, strategic swordplay you'll need to employ if you want to succeed in Skyward Sword. Just slashing away like a madman won't get you anywhere with bad guys like this.

Check it out below, and then take a look at our four previous exclusive videos:


  • I want that sound as a notification tone!

  • Video unavailable? Fine! I wasn't going to watch it anyway!
  • I'm gonna love this game.
  • Is it just me or did Link say "b*tch" a few times while fighting those things?
  • I am exciting to see them back in my upcoming Skyward Sword LP. :P

    Hey, we need a 6th video.^^

  • You should have included Dan Ryckert's imitation at the very end.

  • Does anyone else find it odd that we get a ad for Dead Island right before Skyward Sword? Talk about a leap in different genres. Also, does anyone else think of Slippy when hearing those Lizards make those annoying sounds?
  • This game is going to be EPIC. This and Twilight Princess are the reasons i own a Wii.
  • That lava looked really cool!  Oh, and so did the swordfighting and stuff

  • Are these gameplay videos of you Phil? Just asking. :P

  • Huh, my comment doesn't appear to be there. Oh well. I just said we need more videos! Very excited about this game, but it's still 2 months out. Going to be a tough wait.

  • Mod
    Well, it certainly looks like a workout. Considering my small room, I'm expecting to break at least one bone while playing Skyward Sword.
  • if link could talk, he would be saying, "shut up!" and the lizard would say, "make me!"
  • That looked amazing

  • phil, get back to reviewing dark souls. i'm buying my friends little sister's wii pretty much just for this (40 bucks, w/e she doesn't use it). as well as passed releases on the console i'd like to crush.
  • I'm gonna start doing that every time I get into a fight!
  • i like the color palette sweep from dark and earthy in TP, to the watercolor, but the game looks alot like TP to me.

  • This game will be epic. End of discussion.

  • I can't wait to kill some lizalfos

  • So those lizards have a self destruct mechanism that make them explode when they die?
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