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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Exclusive Video: Treasure Hunting In Skyward Sword

Link won't just be flying through the clouds in Skyward Sword -- he'll also be jumping down to explore the many islands dotting Skyloft and finding hidden treasures.

In this third Game Informer-exclusive video, you get to see how Link can find special magical boxes on the ground that can be destroyed to unlock treasures above. The video also shows off the Wind Waker-esque map of Skyloft and how you'll use beacons to navigate while flying.

Watch it below and check back to Game Informer for two more exclusive videos later this month.

  • I really want to see what happens if you don't deploy your parachute.
  • You go SPLAT!!! LOL JK

    Ya,I wonder that too...

  • Link needs some long-fall boots
  • oh come on whats in the box
  • i loved the gigantic open exploration of winder waker. glad to see something like it come back.
  • November 20th can't come soon enough.
  • You're spoiling me GI, spoiling me so much.
  • me wantee.

  • I am still wanting to see that. It will have to be one of the first things I do when I get the game. As for this particular video, I felt very ripped off not getting the "Item catch" jingle.

  • yay for birthdays on release days
  • I'm glad they're bringing back what worked in Wind Waker. None of that collectathon crap like TP.
  • I love Japanese culture, but man, the vocal action expressions they use are pretty strange to me. In any case, this game looks like a lot of fun.
  • what do u think will be in there heart pieces or rare upgrade material?

  • That guy beat me to the joke..


  • It's killing me not to watch the video! But I have taken a vow of Skyward Sword abstinence.
  • I need to know what's inside!!

  • GameInformer, what's in the box? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1giVzxyoclE
  • Thats a tease i wanted to know what was in the treausre!!!!! :(
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