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The Evil Within

Latest Trailer Promises You’ll Do Terrible Things

Bethesda and Tango Gameworks have made big promises with The Evil Within. Shinji Mikami redefined horror with Resident Evil, and if a new trailer for his upcoming title is any indication, he’ll be doing it again in The Evil Within.

The latest video shows a number of environments and enemies that detective Sebastian Castellanos will encounter. The title is due on August 26, 2014, for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC. 

For more, check out a trailer from last fall and our impressions from E3 2013.

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  • I played the DS games but this seems a bit, bloody. Going to pass it up and save my cash for other games.
  • This game is giving off a serious resident evil 4 vibe and i am loving it
  • I keep forgetting this game exists. They need to promote it a little more.
  • This game is looking awesome...:D
  • I've been excited about this since it was announced. I love a good, horror-survival and hate the way the genre has gone. I'm all about a resurgence of well crafted, well thought out and well produced scream inducing games. For the most part, I think the trailer lives up to that. However, some of the lighting and background images don't have a "next-gen" feel to me. I want to see more.
  • Looking good! Definitely like the old school Resident Evil feel with the much better refined controls and visuals. Looking forward to this!

  • What the ****?

  • The sunflower scene won me over. I'm a sucker for good mise-en-scène....that said, some of the textures were pretty bad, and the protagonist's animations lack character. He's pretty stiff.
  • I do hope these graphics are from the PS3/360 Version's from what were getting on PS4/Xbox One by the time this game comes out it just won't cut it, but i'm still excited for the game.

  • I think this may be that Resident Evil 4 sequel that everyone's been waiting for.

  • Staff
    can't wait...can't wait...can't wait!
  • This is high on my list this year, love a good survival horror. It seems so dark in tone like Outlast but has RE elements (weapons/fighting). I can't wait to freaking play this.
  • Looking pretty good so far.

  • I'm absolutely loving the vibe from the game!

  • There's a part of me that wants more gore. From what I've seen, the game doesn't show cuts or gashes. I want limbs removed. Apart from that, I will definitely be getting the game.
  • Looking very good. I have the game pre-ordered and am looking forward to getting it on release.

  • Damn i wish this would come out already, I've had it preordered forever lol. I don't think my boy will be playing this with me but we shall see lol.

  • Comes off as a mix of Silent Hill and Resident Evil 4.

  • As much as I love the Horror genre, this game just does not speak to me. I'm kind of sad about that.

  • This is my most anticipated game so far next to the division. SH and RE have lost their roots on what made them so amazing which this game is going to give us what we've been waiting for that they couldn't give!
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