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Pikachu Poses With A Bashful Xerneas In Super Smash Bros.

Today’s daily Super Smash Bros. image features a familiar Pokémon face, and a relatively new one.

Pikachu was one of the first characters unveiled for the game, but Xerneas’ involvement is a new mystery. He could be simply be one of the Poké Ball items, a new stand-a-lone fighter, or part of the yet-to-be confirmed Pokémon trainer’s team.

Of the three predictions above, I am guessing that Xerneas will just be one of the Poke Ball items in the game. He’s not noteworthy enough (yet) to be his own fighter, and we don’t even know if the Pokémon trainer will be making a return or not.

Nintendo recently revealed that Sonic and Toon Link would both be making a return in Super Smash Bros., which you can read about here and here.

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  • Xerneas being in SSB4 means one of two things: Xerneas is a pokemon you can get from a pokeball or is a pokemon in one of the stages (kind of like how Dialga and Palkia were in one of the stages in SSBB). I doubt that it would be from an assist trophy, but I have a very good feeling that Xerneas is from a pokeball. It also doesn't really look like it is from a stage based on the background, so I think it is from a pokeball.

  • I doubt Xerneas will be a playable character. I guess it's a good thing that pikachu will be in the game.

  • I was thinking Xerneas might be a stage hazard, but now I'm leaning more towards Pokeball pokemon, because I don't know if that is a Pokemon stage in the background. It looks more like the sky from Pilot Wings.