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Spec Ops: The Line

Spec Ops: The Line Shoots Out New Screens

When Spec Ops got delayed, it seemed like its new release window was far in the distant future. However, we're approaching the targeted timeframe for 2K's military shooter, and these screens showcase how development is progressing.

The concept art and screens below highlight the action along with the setting of Dubai, and there are also a lot of shots clearly meant to convey the horror of war. Not exactly something I like looking at in my free time, but you go right ahead.

For more on Spec Ops' setting, watch this trailer. If you want extended gameplay footage, this video does the job.

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  • Oh great, another shooter
  • This looks pretty good.

  • How on earth did they get on that street light to kill themselves?
  • looking really good. I thought that one guy was Max Payne
  • as over saturated as the market is with military shooters, this looks like if it's executed well it with provide a new take on shooters that might provide more thought than just blindly killing the "bad guys"
  • It seems like a nice, interesting title and I dig concept of settling conflicts your own way; but as with much new IP lately, we shall hope for the best and expect the worse...
  • I'll be putting down my pre-order for this when I pick up Reckoning tomorrow. I've been waiting for this game for far too damn long (the moment it revealed in 2009) not to.
  • Hopefully this'll prove me wrong, when I think it's going to bomb. Not really sure what to think about yet another shooter

  • Looks like an epic shooter. I'll probably rent it.

  • I have high hopes for this game, I hope it doesn't disappoint

  • Game looks stunning and for everyone crying about it being a shooter. Simple solution to your problem. Don't buy it.
  • Hey look its that game. I think I saw gameplay for this like... 4 years ago? Maybe not that long but it looked really cool with the sandstorms and everything.

  • This game looks really interesting. About time a military shooter actually tried to tackle the complexity and morality of war.
  • While I don't particularly need another shooter, the execution of this one (at least what we've seen so far) has definitely put it on my radar. Fantastic graphics, voice work, and the action looks pretty intense. Also, what is the release window for this?
  • I was just wondering about the game. I haven't seen anything about it in quite some time.

  • I like the art derection, even if it could be copied and pasted from any number of fps,it still looks good.

  • I like the art derection, even if it could be copied and pasted from any number of fps,it still looks good.

  • I love the graphic design 2K puts in its games!

  • I'm starting to get hyped about this. If they live up to my expectations, this game could reinvigorate the shooter genre.
  • This game is looking good.

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