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Serious Sam 3: BFE

New Release Date, Screens, Video, And Details For Serious Sam 3

If you've been looking for more info on the upcoming over-the-top action game Serious Sam 3: BFE, today is your lucky day. We've stumbled upon a veritable smorgasbord of brand new screens and details.

Along with the new assets, developer Croteam announced that Serious Sam 3 will launch on PC on October 18. Eager Sam fans who are ready to pre-order can get some solid bonuses. Pre-orders on the Steam digital download service bring the price down 10 percent, and people who already own a previous Serious Sam title on Steam will receive an additional 10 percent discount. Pre-orders will also score gamers an exclusive multiplayer avatar of Fork Parker, the CFO of publisher Devolver Digital.

To celebrate this announcement, the Serious Sam HD titles are now available for a whopping 66 percent off on Steam, and that discount jumps to 85 percent if you pre-order Serious Sam 3 at the same time. That's a lot of deals, people.

Croteam's Davor Hunski says Serious Sam 3 is "the best Serious Sam game we've ever made." You can watch the new video for it below and judge for yourself. If you need more details after that, take a look at our hands-on preview from E3.

  • Cool
    This will tottaly make up for Duke Nukem Forever
  • Is this going to get ported over to consoles eventually? If it doesn't, I'll still pick it up, but I'd prefer it on my xbox.
  • That guys name is really Fork Parker?

  • This looks f**king nuts!
  • I watched a gameplay-video and it looked really boring :/

  • Sick. Didn't they mention console versions being in the works when this was announced though? If not, I hope they do port it eventually.

  • Man this brought back memories of the old games, good times. Can't wait for the console version.

    Also that scorpion person has a very angry looking vajay-jay.

  • I loved those games,and I sure as hell cant wait to play this one!!! non stop carnage!!! oh how I love it....

  • Is this coming to console? I'm a little confused, though. The entire trailer is in first-person, but all the screen shoots show third-person p.o.v.. We could use a good third person action game. Seems like other than GTA IV, good third person shooters are a thing of the past.
  • Can't wait for the Xbox version!

  • That music sounds very similar to what they use on Epic Mealtime

  • I just hope they actually do some decent level designs this time. I hate how the SS games are called Throwback titles to the days of Doom and whatnot. Doom is far deeper than these games, which is saying something because it's not that deep at all. Yet the level designs in Doom are filled with secret rooms, and having the whole "find blue key for the blue door" formula forces you to explore, and really learn the levels. I would like to see a return to that kinda simple fun, finally, via Serious Sam. The arena shooting was just always fun for awhile, but ultimately got too mindless.

  • Will it be released on 360 or ps3?  Besides that George kastanza looking guy it looks awesome


    So, how are the guns going to work in a zero-atmosphere environment?

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  • holy crap, if this was for ps3 i waould buy 5 copies. this trailer is awesome
  • I literally had no idea this game existed
  • After DNF flopped I think Mr. Sam will do the same.
  • It can't be any worse than Duke Nukem Forever.

  • of course another fps epic fail gi any wii u news that would b cool
  • I can't wait to see the rating for this game, when it come out! To me it looks awesome!

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