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Serious Sam 3: BFE

Hands On The Gonzo-est Shooter At E3 2011

Were you thinking “Lots of circle strafing, silly weapons, and way too many enemies?” You wouldn’t be wrong. You also wouldn’t be wrong to drool over sixteen-player co-op in Serious Sam 3’s wide-open levels.

I circle-strafed the hell out of a whole lot of aliens in downtown Los Angeles just now. I think I chaingunned, shogunned, pistoled, and sledgehammered roughly three hundred bad guys in the course of a ten-minute hands-on demo of an Egypt-themed level of Serious Sam 3: BFE. The gameplay is so very Serious Sam that it would need a voiceover shouting the game’s title in your ear every four seconds to be any more obvious. The basic enemies have rocket launchers.

The melee insta-kills added in this long-in-coming sequel are appropriately gory; ripping a cyclops' eye out with your bare hands isn't ever going to be a subtle maneuver. Likewise, the new sledgehammer is a shockingly brutal weapon, even for a game with a giant cannon that shoots physics-enabled multi-ton balls that obliterate enemies as they roll along -- and then explode afterwards.

Fans will recognize the enemies I saw in the Serious Sam 3 demo, from the headless shooters to the kamikazes and the charging hell-bulls. Getting juggled around a desert oasis by twenty-foot tall demons shouldn't be fun, but that's Serious Sam for you.

It’s not complicated, nuanced, or much of anything more than a series of arenas filled with explosives and enemy aliens, but I’m totally on board for a gonzo high-def Serious Sam with modern graphics and twelve-player multiplayer (which I sadly didn’t see in action). The graphics are solid, the sense of humor is adolescent as ever, and the alien chunks glisten delightfully in the afternoon sun.

Expect Serious Sam 3: BFE on PC later this summer, and on consoles shortly thereafter. Devolver and Croteam didn't have an exact price point to announce, but they did assure me that Serious Sam 3 is not going to be a $60 game.

  • Definitely getting this if it's around the $40 mark or under.

  • Sixteen player co-op? Reminds me of 50 player co-op in the awesome zombie mods for COD 4 PC
  • lol, ah serious sam....im totally buying this.

  • Definitely buying this one. Huge fan of SS. Also wish for a release date. Less than 60 is always good for a new game unless they price it at $59 and they're like, yeah seriosly we're serious xD

  • I missed the crazy over the top shooting. Im glad this and Duke Nukem are coming back. Price tag under $60, way to look out for your customers.

  • the first picture with the dude with the horns sold me. im in.

  • EVIL!

  • Been a Sam fan since it first released, and I've bought god knows how many different versions. I will have this on PS3 and PC, just because I love this series and its mindless fun THAT much.

  • I hope to see this game bag a few sales. They deserve it!

  • Can. Not. WAIT!!!!