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Saints Row IV

Emperor Zinyak Declares The Game Of The Generation

Deep Silver and Volition are never satisfied. Sure, everyone who pre-orders Saints Row IV gets the Commander in Chief bonuses. For the collectors, there's already the Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition with a real life (non-lethal) dubstep gun and other goodies. Now, alien leader Emperor Zinyak is taking matters into his own hands by declaring that Saints Row IV is the Game of the Generation.

Well, at least that's what this new super premium version of the game is called. In addition to the dubstep gun, the Game of the Generation edition comes with a dubstep doomsday button, a memorial Johnny Gat statue (he'll love that now that he's back from the dead), a light-up display case with an individually numbered plaque (only 5,000 of these are being made), and a protective pouch. (The light-up case and protective pouch are the upgrades from the Super Dangerous Wub Wub edition. The dubstep doomsday button and statue are included with both collector's editions.)

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The collection will retail for $129.99, but you'd better move quickly. These are very limited. We also finally have some new information about benevolent alien invader ruler, Emperor Zinyak. His people have provided the following bio:

About Emperor Zinyak
His Majesty Emperor Zinyak is the ultimate ruler of the Zin Empire, a civilization of extraterrestrial beings bent upon world domination. After arriving at Earth on a routine conquest mission, Zinyak took it upon himself to select the best and brightest of the human race and graciously bring them under the watchful care of the Zin, initiating the humans to their superior ways via simulations of their pitiful world. In his free time, Emperor Zinyak enjoys sipping brandy next to a warm fire, reading classic works of fiction by Jane Austen and catching up on the delightful BBC series, Downtown Abbey.

There's also a new Hail to the Chief video, which involves mascots and bowling and a dump truck.

Saints Row IV will be out on August 20, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • I think "Game of the Generation" is pushing it! I liked SR3, but I found SR2 to be the best game out of the series. Stillwater was a much more interesting city, and there was a lot more to do.
  • I'm gonna laugh at all the people who don't realize that them proclaiming SR4 as the "Game of the Generation" is a joke.
  • And now I'm tempted to upgrade my Wub Wub edition to this one.
  • ...this only adds the light up case
  • I have no place in my house for any of this collectible stuff they continue to throw into these editions, and I have a pretty big house. I got the Skyrim Legendary Edition and after I asked myself, why did I buy this statue that I have nowhere to put?
  • I gotta admit. I wasn't the happiest person when I heard about the aliens and superpowers, but I love the way these guys are going all out. Very Saints Row if you ask me. I don't know if I'm getting this game at launch, but I'm definitely getting it eventually. I got to play SR3 thanks to PS Plus, and I loved it. so this one is only a matter of time.

  • Sure would love to see this game on the Wii U.
  • Well if Emperor Zinyak says so, than it must be true.

  • Finally a real Incredibles video game.

  • What's a plain ol' copy of the game going to cost us? I'm a massive SR3 fan, but I don't think (from what I've seen) that they've done that much to the world - I'm one of those snobs that believes the game's just DLC-content-turned-full-game. It best not be anywhere near $60, is all I'm saying.
  • None of these trailers are getting me excited. THe GTA V trailers are better and making me want that game more.
  • With the only incentive for paying 30 dollars more than the Wub Wub edition being a rotating case and pouch, I don't know who will pick this edition up.  I will stick to the regular release and enjoy my 'Merica gun and Eagle jet on the 20th.

  • Eh, the Last of us was the game of the gen
  • I was really hoping Emperor Zinyak was the name of a new GI editor.

  • I belive in Emperor Zinyak!!!!

  • GTA V looks to be the game of this generation.
  • Nope

  • That looks like a worth while purchase

  • Zinyak's PR should better acquaint themselves with Earth's pop culture for they committed a common error - it's 'Downton Abbey," not "Downtown Abbey." Some evolved civilization indeed.

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