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Saints Row IV

Johnny Gat Looks Spry For A Dead Guy

After taking one for the team at the beginning of Saints Row: The Third, it seemed like one of the Saints' most important members would only live on as a memory. Deep Silver and Volition are upping the comic book ante on Saints Row IV, though. Gat is back.

Yesterday, Deep Silver announced that Johnny would be making an appearance in Saints Row IV. Today, we get to see him in action. For a dead guy, he still has a lot of style.

Saints Row IV arrives on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on August 20, 2013.

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  • I'm just happy to see Gat coming back. Dead or not, his comments and foul mouth made Saints Row 1 and 2 enjoyable for me.
  • "***..Yes!" my words exactly
  • Okay, I don't think SR could get anymore ridiculous. It's just unappealing to me at this point, there's a line between funny/random and obnoxious, and SR has passed that line.
  • The game's about fighting aliens with super powers, so I won't be surprised over something ridiculous like...I don't know, going back in time to get the guy back, voodoo (technically he's already a zombie :P), or if the guy's just a robot (come to think of it, how bad ass would it be for Gat to synthesize, Terminator style?). The game's almost a month away...I cannot wait for this!

  • I can't wait to play this.

  • Wait a second, so is Gat like only in the simulation or is he really alive

  • Pre-order and get the "GAT IS BACK: Mission Pack" - Gat is back! Waiting just to kick serious ass! UNLOCK GAT AS A FOLLOWER + 10 MINUTES OF EXTRA GAMEPLAY! This would make me sad... :(
  • GTA V will be a day one for me.......Because it's so much better.......I'm not trying to start anything......just sayin.

    In all seriousness I did like saints row the third, but I wish they played a little more attention to story detail like GTA. I love the comedy but it was a little over the top for me. May pick this up when there is a price drop.
  • its funny, cause gat really was in hawaii the whole time. don't believe me?

  • What a shame, would have been a nice surprise when playing the game.
  • Using super powers, running Professor Genki's course, looks like he has 3 homies behind him, and changing outfits...

    Looks like he is a playable character.

  • Shameless ridiculousness!!!!   Love it!!!!

  • I really don't get people who say Saint's Row was "too ridiculous" or "too over the top". WTF? That was the f*ckin' point! That's what differentiated it from Grand Theft Auto. Please get over yourselves with your entitled attitudes. Saint's Row will continue to get more ridiculous with every iteration.
  • Wait, So he is an alien clone, or is he really really back?

  • I think he's a clone at least according to the dlc that came out for saints row the third this seems to be pretty likely.

  • I'm glad Gat is back in SR4.

  • YES! Gat gets super powers too??

  • Pretty fly for a white guy reference in the title? Maybe? Anybody? Am I just crazy?
  • The opening scene/gameplay of Saints Row The Third had to be top 10 opening of all time. Kingdom Hearts 2 was great as well.

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