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Saints Row IV

Deep Silver Reveals The Return Of Johnny Gat

Saints Row publisher Deep Silver has shared something new for the upcoming fourth entry in Volition's over the top sandbox series. It started with a blurry tease that led into the biggest character announcement for the title yet.

Johnny Gat will make his return to stand by the Saints' side against the Zin invasion. Series fans might remember mourning the character voiced by Daniel Dae Kim. 

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Whether Johnny is back in the flesh or as a construct in the virtual Steelport is something we'll have to wait to find out. For now, we're just glad to have the trigger happy Saint back in the fold.

[Source: Twitter]

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  • Im not gonna lie, at first I wasn't planning on buying this version of Saints, but as I see more and more news about it, it's making me really want it!
  • I'm looking forward to this but I'm going to wait until around Christmas to get this. Should drop in price a lot by then with GTA5 and all the next-gen stuff releasing.

  • I'm really impressed with the development of this game so far. I was worried that the new ownership would affect the quality but it looks to be the best SR yet. Hopefully the hype holds up!

  • His "death" in SR3 wasn't even that great, just a bang and he disappears. Very ambiguous I'd say.
  • Good, i think they killed him off way to early in Saints Row The Third.
  • I just finished Saints Row the Third and will be getting all the dlc to help me pass the time until next month.  I was so pissed when Gat didn't return and am now hopeful for the future.

  • YES! This is awesome, Gat was my favorite character and it saddened me to see him die in the third.
  • I figured he would be back in SR4. If the game takes place in a virtual world, I never saw any reason for him not to come back. Hopefully he's in the majority of the game and not just some small tacked on part.

  • Looks like Bruno Mars to me :/
  • Meh. I thought that's his death was so anticlimactic anyways, especially when he's so badass in SR2. I don't even understand why'd they kill him off, especially in a way that made me expect him to pop back out again in the game.
  • Very nice! I wonder how he will be weaved back into the game? Cyborg perhaps?

  • Maybe he is cloned right this time? I do wonder if we still get Tag? I doubt it though. (He's the messed up clone.)

  • killing him off was one of the dumbest moves they made. that, and changing Shaundi from being a chill pothead with a million exes, to a crazy women bent on revenge (which was still cool, but not AS cool). Gat was one of Saints Rows best characters, and his death only seemed to make another cool character worse. Glad they're bringing him back in some way.
  • Even though you're righting the biggest wrong in the series, I'm still not playing Saints Row IV.

  • probably Johnny's a  virtual character in the virtual reality Steelport

  • I'm glad Gat is back in SR4.

  • How will they explain this.. hmm.. let's see.. I'm putting my money on time-travel or some cloning.
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