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Saints Row IV

Ten Minutes In Steelport Isn't Enough

If you played Saints Row: The Third, you know that Volition believes in going big early. The opening to that game was one of the craziest intros I can recall ever playing through. Saints Row IV is going to trump that.

In the following video, you'll hear from senior producer Jim Boone. Boone will walk you through the game's opening moments and some of the crazy open world superpowers that players will have access to in the virtual Steelport of the Saints Row IV.

Additionally, Deep Silver has announced that participating retailers will be offering two costumes to accompany pre-orders. For male characters, suit up as The Iron Rogue. Women can don the garb of Queen Amazonia.

Saints Row IV arrives on August 20, 2013, for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. 

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  • awesome!

  • I see Dan Rycert as the personification of this series.
  • Is.. is that Terry Crews??
  • Mod
    Solid 8.5, any other bets on the review?
  • i'm so excited for this game

  • Those aliens still look incredibly stupid, as does the game in general. Seriously, what is the point of difficulty now? You start of with a small armory which includes a rocket launcher, you later get superpowers which means almost no one can provide any sort of resistance, and you're stuck in the same boring town from the previous game except it's a simulation thing. I also love how they kept the exact same graphics from the third game, don't you just love cash ins?
  • It's TIME TO GET PRESIDENTIAL! I just hope the gameplay is improved, SR3 got really grating towards the end, and didn't have quite the balancing or variety of SR2.
  • This game is going to make my intestines explode with it's bad assery.

  • Thanks Futter Nutter.

  • I'm being told by gaming journalist that this is good so therefore I believe that this is good and totally not a biased article! :D
  • It just looks like a mish-mash of Infamous and Crackdown.
  • bring on the haters...that looks awesome

  • Found his political conversation a little offensive, but the gameplay looks fun. I wonder if we'll be able to import character from SR3.

  • I miss the semi-seriousness of SR2. They should've kept going with that tone.
  • This looks crazy and awesome and funny

  • Cant wait

  • Looks like a bunch of silly stupid fun. Count me in.

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