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Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Meet The Zombie-Slaying Soldiers Of Operation Raccoon City

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City may be a strange twist on Capcom's horror franchise that finds the normal protagonists on the other end of a group of unstoppable soldiers, but those gun-toting troops have a personality, too. See it for yourself in the latest trailer.

This trailer introduces characters on both the Umbrella Security Service and U.S. Government Spec Ops sides. They're a quirky group, so make sure to pay attention to their sure-to-be-memorable catch phrases.

For more info on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, check out previous trailers here and here.

  • looks like a awesome game, too bad i won't be able to get it when it comes out :(
  • Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil Revelations, Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, and the new CGI Resident Evil Damnation are all coming out this year. It's a good time to be a RE fan!
  • Mod
    I'll be picking Vector for the U.S.S. and Tweed for the spec ops. Still looking forward to this, but it's hard to get as excited as I was with RE6 on the horizon. Still looking forward to skulking around the old police station and Raccoon City in general.
  • This is going to be such a great year to get my Resident Evil fix.

  • Looks interesting but I already got my eyes and wallet on all the good RPGs coming out this year.
  • i like the fact that they are using the resident evil name and branching it off into different projects. resident evil outbreak was kinda cool untill the servers went down. if would be cool to see a download only title that used pre-rendered backgrounds, and clunky tank controls.
  • Too bad the Spec Ops team (Echo Six) is going to be DLC, at least their campaign. For those that missed the story:
  • I can't wait but three resident evil games in one year please just slow down capcom
  • Can you shoot while moving?
  • I'll admit I wasn't that interested in the game at first after coming from RE5. Yet this one is shaping up quite nicely from this trailer and the game play that I have seen I think my mind has been changed to which I may get this game now...
  • I pre-ordered this the other day but now I'm at a crossroad between canceling this and pre-ordering RE 6 instead....GAAAAH!! IM GONNA GO BROKE!!
  • Looks very combat-focused, considering it's supposed to be "survival-horror". Also, is Resident Evil 6 using this same engine?
  • Mod
    Ill be on USS side. Gonna take down some stars.
  • Mod
    I'm sorry but after watching the 1st mission gameplay video, this game looks really bad. Like unpolished bad. The enemy A.I. looks just plain stupid (wait for the one enemy that just stands there) and the animations look too stiff. I doubt this game is going to be any good.
  • Got the game pre-ordered, but  still am kinda weird about playing as Umbrella in the story ._.

  • Party Girl, for the win!

  • i all ready pre ordered it from gamestop.
  • This year is the Resident Evil Year Operation Raccoon City (Looks Amazing) Revelations(I think this is why Jill might not be in Re6) Resident Evil 6(:DDDD) Damnation(Loved Degeneration) Retribution(Jill vs Alice; YES!!!!!) And Silent Hill might just have its year Silent Hill Downpour(Hopefully super scary) Silent Hill Revelations 3d(Looks amazing) Silent Hill 2/3 Hd(Can't wait, had the amazing pleasure of playing SH2) Seems like horror games might be striking back :D
  • Yes running and gunning FTW finaly.

  • Just what i wanted, a guide to the new string of RE games!
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