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Capcom Further Compares Resident Evil 4's SD And HD PC Port With Video

Capcom has released a pair of videos showcasing the upcoming ultimate edition of Resident Evil 4 for PC.

The first video below shows the opening of the game running with the standard-definition texture pack at 30 frames-per-second. The second video similarly shows the game's opening moments with the high-definition texture pack running at 60 frames-per-second.

SD 30 fps

HD 60 fps

For more comparison of the upcoming ultimate PC edition of the game head here. You will be able to download the game on Steam starting February 28.

For more games like Resident Evil 4 that publishers can't seem to stop re-releasing, head here.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • I don't understand all the complaints about porting this to PC. It's important that classics like this become available on PC because eventually we won't have Gamecube/PS2/360/PS3's around to play on - but you can always play it on a PC. If we want to preserve gaming history, games have to show up on PC. If you have no inclination to buy this again, then don't.
  • They need to remake the game for Wii U, managing the inventory on the game pad would just feel... right! The Wii edition is currently the best version out there so if they could make us a remake and have both the Wii Remote and Gamepad as options I think they will have finally topped them selves. Also add the mechanics from Revelations, the stop and shoot combat is only good(great even) in the older Resi games. When 4 released they should have thought of that.

  • Does this mean they're going to move on to NEW games?


  • Best RE of all, still enjoy playing it to this day!!

  • Wow. I see little difference at all. People pay for this stuff???

  • Wow. Pretty cool difference.

  • Resident evil 4 has the most amazing graphics u can look at it and it feels like u r playing as the main character(s).