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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Offers Comparison Screens For Ultimate Edition HD On PC

Resident Evil 4 is coming to Steam updated with high-definition textures and Capcom released a handful of screens showcasing the differences.

Some of the differences are slight, not dramatically changing the visuals of the game, but some of the changes are far more apparent, like the text on the grenades. You can check out the full collection of comparison images in the gallery below or on Capcom's blog.

The new PC version of Resident Evil 4 is coming February 28. Along with the updated textures and characters, the game will run at 60 frames-per-second (a hot topic right now in the video game industry), and has been optimized for widescreens. If you pre-order the game, by heading here, you'll also get your hands on the game's soundtrack and a digital artbook.

[Source: Capcom Unity]

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  • I'm really excited for this. .. It will be the fifth time I've bought RE4. I don't think I've ever bought a single game that many times. The HD version looks a lot better over, of course, but I actually prefer the wood from the SD version.
  • Wow, they gave the tree better textures. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!
  • Holy crap! Look at that minimal difference! Such HD! Much Ultimate! Wow! Man, what a rip. If you're going to make an "Ultimate HD Edition" then redo the visuals entirely. I think Halo and Fable are the only games that have proper HD versions.
  • So...out of all this, the tree is the only thing that looks significantly better.
  • Not seeing much difference with the comparisons, quite disappointing.

  • I would like to see it in action

  • Is it me or is some detail on SD better than HD. Like the fence for example.
  • It's better then AoE2s but that isn't saying anything.
  • Hey Kyle, should we assume that you will be able to use a mouse to aim on this version? For whatever reason, I never got used to the aiming on the console version (probably due to the playstation sticks).
  • well, I guess Marginally better is still better when it comes to this HD remake. I see those pictures and wonder if this was a half hearted attempt to try and make some quick cash. I mean, theres not many people that haven't played Resi 4 yet. If they looked at these screenshots, I wouldn't blame them if they turned around again.
  • Nice looking tree. I'll pass. Played this on GC back in the day like everyone else.
  • It's not that much of an improvement.. the textures don't even seem to be that high of a resolution either...

  • Cool, an excuse to play this game. I've only played 5 and 6 in the series, and everyone says this is way better, so...
  • Wasn't there an xbox 360 version of this? If so is it pretty much the pc version?
  • How about we HD the Resident Evil remake from the Game Cube, instead of the Resident Evil that everyone owns on 1 or maybe 2 platforms.
  • I'd rather go to a park and see HD trees there lol!
  • PC port after all these years?

  • I like the old wood texture on that fence better. It looked way dirtier. I'm still really excited to play through this game again, though.
  • I personally think the SD version looks better in the screenshot with the fence. The "grittiness" makes it look more real.
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