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Resident Evil 4

Capcom Releasing Ultimate Edition Of Resident Evil 4 On PC

Capcom has announced that it's re-releasing Resident Evil 4 onto PC, in what the company is calling the ultimate HD version of the game. The game, which will be available at the end of February, will run at 60 FPS for the first time.

Capcom says visual improvements include sharpened text and texture upgrades on environments, characters, and other in-game objects. It's also been optimized for widescreen displays.

Players who preorder the game on Steam will get access to a 60-track soundtrack and a digital artbook. The game will unlock when it's released February 28.

Resident Evil 4 was remade as Resident Evil 4 HD on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and released in 2011. The game was originally released on the GameCube back in 2005.

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  • already own this for 3 platforms already *facepalm* might as well add it to my PC list if this version is a good improvement.
  • Curious to see it run at 60 fps. Wish there was a ps4 and xbox one version since I doubt my laptop could handle it.
  • Hope this comes out on consoles, I'm curious to see what it looks like in person.
  • Have this on the PS2, but I don't see a problem adding it to my PC list either if the price is right. Great game and I really enjoyed the direction this one took.
  • Okay then. More... remakes. And such. *sigh*
  • Got it on gamecube, played it, beat it, dont care about another super duper mega ultra limited edition. Rereleasing the same game over and over is getting old fast. Re release something that people want, say mega man.
  • Still have it on Gamecube if I want to drag it out and plug it up. Don't see the need to buy it again.

  • I'll probably pick this up on sale. My parents have a Wii so I had purchased RE4 with the intent of playing on their machine when I visited, but the Wii's motion control is such a horrendous way to play that game. I had to shelve it after about 20 minutes. Looking forward to playing this on the PC!
  • Hopefully they fixed the porting issues.

  • One of these days i need to play this game. Maybe if they put this version on PS4 I'll finally give it a try.
  • Eh...I'll pick it up during a Steam sale. I've beaten this game so many times that I'm in no hurry. Have to add it to my PC RE collection though lol.

  • I sure would love to see the Resident Evil Archives and Resident Evil 4 ported to the Wii U. HD and off screen play sound like a perfect mix.

  • Best Resident Evil ever in my opinion, loved this game. I downloaded it off PSN and still play it.

  • Mod
    I wish I could get into this series. I just don't seem to like anything about these games. Oh well, back to Skyrim.
  • RE4 is hands down the best and last really good RE game. Even though I have the PS3, 360, and my original GameCube copy of the game, I may get this on PC, just to see what it would be like to play as Leon at 60 fps.

  • soooooooo.... anyone know if there was an HD update on the classic RE games? Like 1,2,Nemesis, Zero, Code veronica??
  • A modern mid range PC can easily - easily - double the 60 fps limit of RE4. Why set it so low? Why limit it at all?
  • Capcom: Squeezing out your hard earned cash one frame per second.

    How about you restore the series to some semblance of respectability instead of resting on your laurels you *** clowns.

  • Hey, Capcom. Give us an Onimusha HD collection or that Resident Evil 2 remake. I'm pretty sure everyone has already has 3 copies of this game. Give some other games love.
  • Unpopular opinion here, but I think some games should be at 26-30 fps to retain that movie-like feel. This is one of them. Still, no harm in throwing a better-performing version to other platforms.
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