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Rambo: The Video Game

Four New Videos Show Off Rambo: The Video Game In Action

Reef Entertainment has dropped a collection of short gameplay clips showing off Rambo: The Video Game's stealth, destruction, boss battles, and shoot-outs.

The game appears to be more on-rails than previous trailers implied, with the shoot-out video in particular looking closer to Time Crisis than a first-person shooter. You can check out all the clips below..




Boss Battle

For more on Rambo: The Video Game, you can check out the game's previous trailers here, here, and here, as well as a short Vine video clip showing off the game's stabbing mechanics.

Rambo: The Video Game is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC and if you pre-order the game, you can get your hands on a Rambo bobble-head. The game is supposed to be available early this year with some retailers pointing to a February release date, but no concrete date has been offered yet.

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  • MY EYES!!!
  • If it turned out that the developers included a skin for Rambo that allowed you to play as Weird Al Rambo from UHF...I'd buy an Xbox or a PS3 just for this game.
  • This is gonna be the game of the century!
  • I'm pretty upset that it's going to be on rails. It would've been way funnier if it was an open fps.
  • Something tells me I'll be able to impulse buy this game for under 10$ in the bargain bin at Gamestop this Christmas (if not sooner).
  • ... So Gameinformer has decided to report on every Rambo news there is, while completely forgetting about Fallout 4 being confirmed (sort of)? Seems legit.
  • Awwww "On Rails!?" Damn, I was sold until that. I was hoping for a Rouge Warrior with Rambo skin.
  • Ugh! I stopped watching after the 2nd video, not because of Rambo, but from those damn Ninja Gaiden trailers that play before every video.
  • Just because the graphics suck, doesn't mean the game will suck.
  • They should have just been honest and said that this was a crappy retro arcade shooter. Typically gamers will be more forgiving and play a game that looks or is rumored to be bad if it's somewhat fun and makes clear what it is. Own your crappiness Rambo! On a side note....did u really have to kill us with a 30 sec mandatory trailer ad before every 30 sec trailer?!? Smh....
  • SUPER REPLAY!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't see the videos on my phone right now, but if this game includes the original Rambo theme song I'm in!!!
  • I'll pay you if you stop reporting anything on this title, please please.
  • So this ill be more of a Kinect/PSMove game, sort of like those cheesy kid games no one cares to buy (except trophy hunters).
  • Staff
  • I still dont get it.. Is this on rails?
  • Between Rambo and Mad Max I feel like someone went back into time to the 80's and stole my 12 year old self's ideas of what would make a "rad" game. And maybe Rambos's devs should make sure that the game sponsoring you're trailer doesn't look way cooler than your own game. That Ninja Gaiden to game looks great.
  • Finally!!!! my ps3 gun thing will have a new use besides playing resistance 3!!!

  • This looks like an Iphone/mobile game... Im confused...

  • you arent suppose to judge a book by its cover, but dang does this look like crap!

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