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Rambo: The Video Game

Rambo Kills 'Em All In Bloody New Gameplay Trailer

You just can't keep John Rambo down. Five years after returning to the silver screen to man a .50 cal turret for a memorable and bloody five-minute sequence, the one-man army is back for a B-rated video game romp.

From the minds of relative unknowns Reef Entertainment and Teyon comes Rambo: The Video Game. Rather than tread new ground, this game recreates the greatest hit moments from First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, and Rambo III. This new gameplay trailer features Rambo throwing police officers into trees, crashing a helicopter into a tank, and turning every enemy soldier in sight into a fine blood mist. Check it out for yourself:

Rambo: The Video Game is scheduled to release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC some time in 2014.

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  • This looks like ***.
  • Rambo looks like claymation. Then look at helicopter at 1:15. How could they allow this to be shown?
  • I didn't realize before now that this was an on-rails shooter. That makes up for some of the obvious short comings, while really putting a limit on potential.

    I guess I don't have to feel too disappointed since it's no longer a terrible looking game, just not my kind of game now.
  • ROFL.. are we in a timewarp or something?? Rambo would get his behind beat by his evil twin nemesis.. GAME REVIEW-bo.

  • This cannot be real...
  • 2014 GOTY hands down!!
  • He looks like some creepy doll!  So disturbing... Also, I'm sure this will be Game of the Year.  Nay, Decade.

  • I see a very interesting Test chamber on the horizon.......
  • BWHAHAHAH!! When I saw at the end that if you preorder the game... you can get a Rambo figurine... I started laughing like crazy! This trailer was hilarious.
  • My god this game looks awful but I could see Dan or Reiner making comedy gold out of this

  • This game looks like a big pile of trash. Maybe would've worked as a launch title on the original Wii.

  • Looks like crap.

  • Sometimes I wonder if developers realize that their game is going to be terrible.

  • They need an Arnold Schwarzenegger game. That would be awesome...in the oh my god this exists in a hilarious kinda way
  • Staff
  • Call of Duty on crack.
  • Is this real? That was awesome! This only has niche appeal, but this is too hilarious not to play!
  • One more reason why the next generation can wait. Pre-ordering this! And for everyone mocking this game, you might want to stop and realize that the Rambo franchise invented explosions and bad-assery. A little respect, please.
  • I....I don't even know what to say.

  • Would like to know the part where Rambo stabs David Caruso's character so I can play that moment over and over again. The guy ruined CSI beyond recognition.

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